Liaison Program of Trexler Library: Role Description


The Liaison Program of Trexler Library promotes communication between Trexler Library, academic departments and interdisciplinary programs.

Librarian Liaisons (LL)
The librarian liaison (LL) is the librarian who serves as a key contact to the academic department. The LL brings subject expertise and serves as a general contact for all faculty members in the department looking for research, library instruction, or general library assistance. It is the LL's responsibility to help departmental liaisons (DL) manage their collection development by recommending titles for purchase, managing purchase requests, systematically reviewing the collection and making recommendations for weeding. It is also the LL’s responsibility to make the DL aware of upcoming activities; for example, periodically the LL may contact faculty about specialized tools, new resources, updates, changes in the library, with expectations that these announcements will be shared with the department faculty as appropriate.

When reviewing departmental requests coming to the library, the LL will follow the collection development policy and guidelines before sending the request for purchase. In the event that there is a concern, the LL, in concert with the Head of Collection Resource Management, will work with the DL to ascertain needs and determine what other appropriate options are available. The LLs and the Head of Collection Resource Management will periodically distribute a list of newly completed purchases campus-wide so that duplicate or overlapping purchase requests can be considered for coordination.

Departmental Liaisons (DL)
Each department selects one faculty member to serve as the departmental liaison (DL) to the library. This person serves as the library’s main contact for the department regarding collection development and request concerns, general library issues and communications, library weeding and collection management projects, and questions that may arise regarding any library issues. It is the responsibility of the DL to manage the department's book allocation fund and to serve as the internal coordinator regarding the selection of items to be purchased with those funds. The DL is asked to share relevant information with colleagues regarding library resources, services, updates, etc.

In order to best fulfill acquisitions responsibilities, it is important to consider these issues when reviewing your colleagues’ requests:

  • Department funds include monies to support all courses taught by faculty members within the department. This includes First Year Seminars, Capstone courses, and interdisciplinary courses. Since each faculty member is assigned to a specific department, the purchases in support of the faculty member’s courses come through departmental requests, regardless of the department(s) in which the course is listed. Departmental requests must be approved by the DL, and the LL, before the order is placed.
  • Departments also receive funds to support the minors and interdisciplinary majors that are heavily represented within their department.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of Departmental allocation funds must be spent on purchasing books. The remaining 50% may be used to purchase books or other formats such as DVDs and other one-time purchases. Departmental allocation funds will not be used for subscriptions as such contracts require the library to enter into multi-year commitments that may, or may not, be supported by the department in the future.

Interdisciplinary Program Liaisons (IPL)
Each interdisciplinary program director is responsible submitting the name of one faculty member to serve as their program’s interdisciplinary program liaison (IPL) to the liaison program. It is the goal of this program to actively include IPLs in discussions with the appropriate DLs so that the needs to support interdisciplinary courses are carefully considered in the acquisitions process. The IPLs will be included in the biannual Liaison meetings in an effort to provide formalized communication avenues for discussion and negotiation within both the college-wide and department-wide priorities. IPLs are also encouraged to meet to discuss their own experiences, determine how best to contribute to the process, and to consider ways that they might coordinate their shared purchasing needs. The IPL is asked to share relevant information with program colleagues regarding library resources, services, updates, etc.

Other Information for All Liaisons
The Parents Fund is allocated once a year, to support developing areas of study. Solicitation for these funds occurs each year and is managed by the Library Committee who reviews applications and determines allocations. New faculty, or faculty developing a new area of study, are strongly encouraged to apply during the annual Parents Fund request cycle for additional funding. This funding is specifically designed to assist with one-time needs. Liaisons are encouraged to work with their faculty to inform them of this fund and encourage use for supporting new or expanding areas of study.

The Library supports a wide variety of resources including databases, staff, and collection guidelines that can assist in making selection recommendations. Your assigned Librarian Liaison can assist you with using these resources and building the collection to meet the College’s needs. As with any information need, it is often the case that the needs exceed the available funding.

Liaisons are expected to review and approve acquisitions requests in accordance with the Collection Development Policy and Guidelines.

The twice yearly Liaison meetings are designed to give attendees updates on Library Committee outcomes and Trexler Library programs and procedures.


Rev. 6/15/09