Title: The Simmons study of media and markets
Description: A CD-ROM resource that allows you to link demographic data with usage of hundreds of different products and brands. Search and manipulate data from the Simmons surveys to create consumer profile reports. You can use the reports to identify consumer habits and develop marketing strategies to target specific segments of the U.S. population.
Subjects: demographics, marketing, brand loyalty, lifestyles, media, psychographics, and others.
Full Text: yes.
Updated: bienniel with a two year lag, current edition is 1999.
Holdings: survey results from a sample size of over 20,000 adults 18 and over.
Language: English.

Note: To use Simmons you must make an appointment to see Kelly Cannon (Humanities Librarian). Call him @ 3602 or write to kcannon@muhlenberg.edu. This resource is complex and can be used only, with the assistance of a librarian.