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Sexual Nonconformity :
Joshua Gamson

Works by Joshua Gamson

Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America. Berkeley: U of California, 1994.
Trexler Library Main Collection 973.92 G194c

The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, the Music, the Seventies in San Francisco. New York: Holt, 2005.
Trexler Library Main Collection 780.92 S985xg

Freaks Talk Back: Tabloid Talk Shows and Sexual Nonconformity. Chicago: U of Chicago, 1998.
Trexler Library Main Collection 791.456 G194f

“Jessica Hahn, Media Whore: Sex Scandals and Female Publicity.” Critical Studies in Media Communication 18.2 (June 2001): 157-. EBSCO. Muhlenberg College, Trexler Library, Allentown, PA. 28 July 2005. < http://0-search.epnet.com.library.muhlenberg.edu:80/login.aspx?direct=true&db=ufh&an=4697259 >.

Works about Joshua Gamson

McLaren, Carrie. “Celebs, Freaks, Media Lit: Interview with Joshua Gamson.” Stay Free!. 15 (1998). 25 July 2005. < http://www.stayfreemagazine.org/archives/15/josh.html >.

Additional resources

Glynn, Kevin. Tabloid Culture: Trash Taste, Popular Power, and the Transformation of American Television. Duke UP, 2000.
Trexler Library Main Collection 791.456 G568t

Grindstaff, Laura. The Money Shot: Trash, Class, and the Making of TV Talk. Chicago: U of Chicago, 2002.
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Manga, Julie Engel. Talking Trash: The Cultural Politics of Daytime TV Talk Shows. New York: New York UP, 2003.
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Priest, Patricia Joyner. Public Intimacies: Talk Show Participants and Tell-All TV. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton, 1995.
Trexler Library Main Collection 791.456 P979p


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