Market Values

Center for Ethics, 2012-2013

These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics 2012-2013 programming on the theme of market values. Resources covered include articles from library databases, titles from the library's main collection, and websites.

Jerry Evensky (September 5)
Resources by and about Jerry Evensky, and the subject of Adam Smith.

Michael Franz (September 18)
Resources by and about Michael Franz, and the subject of campaign advertising.

The Corporation (October 30)
Resources about the film and the subject of the rise of the modern corporation.

Nothing Like Chocolate (November 15)
Resources about the film and the subject of ethical labor and sustainable environmental practices in industry.

Angus Burgin (January 15)
Resources by and about Angus Burgin, and the subject of free markets since the Great Depression.

Benjamin Hale (February 19)
Resources by and about Benjamin Hale, and the subject of environmental ethics and the marketplace.

Branko Milanovic (February 26)
Resources by and about Branko Milanovic, and the effect of globalization on national and global inequality.

Sister Nora Nash (March 13)
Resources by and about Sister Nora Nash, and the subject of corporate social responsibility.

Lawrence Lessig (April 15)
Resources by and about Lawrence Lessig, and the subject of the Congressional corruption.