Science and Sensibility

Center for Ethics, 2010-2011

These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics 2010-2011 programming on the theme of Science and Sensibility. Resources covered include articles from library databases, reference materials, titles from the library's main collection, and websites.

Science and Sensibilty: Muhlenberg Faculty Favorites
Readings chosen by Muhlenberg faculty on the subject of science and sensibility.

Science and Sensibility: Bruce Wightman's Reading List
These resources, compiled by Prof. Bruce Wightman, provide a good introduction to the concept of science and sensibility.

Heather Douglas (September 23)
Resources by and about Heather Douglas and on the subject of science and policymaking.

Mario Livio (September 30)
Resources by and about Mario Livio and on the subject of math as human invention vs. math as natural discovery.

Jeffrey Ball (October 5)
Resources by and about Jeffrey Ball and on the subject of energy and the environment.

David C. Cassidy (October 21)
Resources by and about David C. Cassidy and on the subject of the ethics of scientific use of technology, as in the case of the Manhattan Project.

Rebecca Skloot (November 4)
Resources by and about Rebecca Skloot and on the subject of the ethical responsibility of scientists for their human subjects.