Sustainable Environment
A brief bibliography of library holdings about the topic.

Reference Works:

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Bibliographic database of citations to agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library.

Covers geography, geology, and ecology literature.

Full-text, and many abstracts for scientific, agricultural, etc… publications.

OmniFile (WilsonWeb)
A large interdisciplinary database that contains the Applied Science & Technology database and the General Science Index.

See Also: Academic Search Premiere and LexisNexis Academic for citations, abstracts and full-text newspaper, magazine and journal articles.

Subject Headings:

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings in your searches will help you obtain more relevant information from databases and the library catalog:

Conservation of natural resources
Ecology and justice
Environmental policy
Environmental protection.
Green movement
Open Spaces
Quality Of Life
Social ecology

Selected works from the Main Collection:

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Prepared by David M. Oldenkamp, Social Sciences Reference Librarian. Last updated: 29 August 2003.