The Lutheran Church and Sustainability
A brief bibliography of library holdings about the topic.

Databases and Electronic Resources:

Search religion and theology magazines and journals for articles on sustainability.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Department for Research and Evaluation.
Search for reports on Lutheran Church finance, synod statistics, Church Trends, demographics, etc…

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Division for Church in the Society. Contains statements on church ethics, particularly, "A Social Statement on Economic Life Sufficient, Sustainable Livelihood for All." of 20 August 1999.
      • This ECLA site features a link to the Journal of Lutheran Ethics:

LENS: Lutheran Earthkeeping Network of Synods:
Informal network of Lutheran environmentalists.

Harvard University. "Forum on Religion and Ecology"
Extensive resources-including essays and bibliographies-on religious dialogue on the environment.

Subject Headings

Using these Library of Congress Subject Headings in your searches will help you obtain more relevant information from databases and the library catalog:

Church Growth
Economics Religious Aspects Christianity
Human Ecology Religious Aspects Christianity
Lutheran Church United States History
Sociology Christian
Sociology Christian Lutheran
Religion and sociology.

Selected works from the Main Collection:

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Main Collection 261 B469p

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Gregg, Samuel. Economic thinking for the theologically minded. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2001.
Main Collection: 261.85 G819e

Jersild, Paul T. Living the faith : a Lutheran perspective on ethics. Chicago: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1999.
Main Collection 241.0441 J56L

Klein, Christa R. and Christian D. von Dehsen. Politics and policy : the genesis and theology of social statements in the Lutheran Church in America. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 1989.
Main Collection 284.109 K64p

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Zweig, Michael, ed. Religion and economic justice. Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1991.
Main Collection 261.85 Z97r

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Prepared by David M. Oldenkamp, Social Sciences Reference Librarian. Last updated: 29 August 2003.