1243. Apollonius Rhodus, Argonautica iii. Trexler Library | Muhlenberg College

In the third century BC, Apollo of Rhodes wrote an epic poem about Jason and the Argonauts retrieving the Golden Fleece.  This papyrus contains nine lines of Book 3, and dates from the second century AD.

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". . . when the serpent's teeth are sown on the dusky clods, if thou markest them uprising in throngs from the fallow, cast unseen among them a massy stone; and they over it, like ravening hounds over their food, will slay one another; and do thou thyself hasten to rush to the battle-strife, and the fleece thereupon thou shalt bear far away from Aea; nevertheless, depart wherever thou wilt, or thy pleasure takes thee, when thou hast gone thence.
Thus she spake, and cast her eyes to her feet in silence . . .”

(Source: Apollonius Rhodius, The Argonautica with an English translation by R. C. Seaton, Loeb Classical Library [London: Heinemann, 1912])

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