Welcome to the Robert C. Horn Papyri Collection!

This collection of thirty-six pieces of Greek papyri illustrates the variety of types of documents found in the early 20th century excavation at Oxyrhynchus (in present day Egypt). Included in the thirty-six pieces are thirteen literary pieces; of those pieces, three (851, 1077, 1227) are theological, five (858, 866, 868, 870, 872) are fragments of unidentified authors, and five (1094, 1095, 1181, 1243, 1246) are from extant classics, either prose or poetry. Additionally there are a variety of business and personal documents: letters, leases, taxes, etc. The papyri range from the first to the sixth or seventh century AD, and include specimens of both papyrus rolls, and books (papyrus and parchment), and exemplify different types of bookhand. There is one small piece of Latin among them (872). An amulet (1077) inscribed with verses from St. Matthew, is somewhat of a curiousity.
(From notes on the collection, Robert C. Horn)

This site presents:

  • Digital versions of the 36 papyri texts
  • An online exhibition examining where the papyri were found, who wrote them, and what they are
  • Information about common terms you will encounter in the papyri, such as dates, money, and every-day knowledge
  • Help with using this site (especially if you can’t see the Greek letters)
  • Scholars can find additional information about the documents here

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