Accessing Databases Off-Campus (Proxy Service)

Off campus access to library databases is available to faculty, staff and students of the college. To access a resource, select it from within the library site (e.g.: from the Databases A to Z page, the Online Reference Shelf page, library catalog, etc.). When doing so from off campus you will be prompted to log in to the library proxy server.

At the login prompt, enter your name and college id number.


Your name: John Smith
Your College ID Number: 123456789


During the summer, students who are not enrolled in Muhlenberg College courses ordinarily do not have access to the Library's leased off-campus databases and full-text e-journals. Students working as faculty assistants during the summer may have access by reason of their employment.

If you are a student enrolled at Muhlenberg College for off-campus study (for example, a semester abroad or elsewhere in North America) you should always try to use your host institution library, but you do still have access to most of the Muhlenberg College resources and services.