Academic Resource Center


Transition Workshops for First Year Students

Each year, the Academic Resource Center offers academic success workshops to assist first-year students with the transition from high school to college-level academics. Below is a short description of workshops offered every fall semester. Each workshop is offered twice; in the late afternoon and again in the evening. Each first-year student receives a flyer in their mailbox announcing the times and dates of the workshops. In addition, the workshop times and dates are posted on the web, facebook, and on flyers distributed throughout campus. Students are encouraged to register for any or all of the workshops.

Transition Workshops

Time Management/Organization

Learn how to get everything done on time and still have time for fun! Organizational tips will help you keep on top of everything!

Memory/Test Preparation

Learn how to remember all of that new information and how to maximize your note taking skills!

Textbook Reading/Notetaking

Learn how to prepare for exams in college and develop better reading skills!

Midterm: What happened? and Final Exam Prep

Learn better study habits, test-taking skills, and test review strategies