Academic Resource Center


Campus Resources for Academic Concerns

Academic Resource Center will help you make the transition from high school to college-level academics. Become a more strategic learner through peer tutoring, transition workshops, content workshops, and individual academic assistance. (x3433)

Advisors will help you choose courses, make schedule changes, balance your coursework, and navigate the registration process.

Counseling Services will help you take responsibility for yourself as you learn to handle social and emotional concerns that may impact your academic performance. (x3178)

Faculty members will help you with assignments and test preparation. They can address concerns you may have related to the course and provide clarification and alternative resources.

The Career Center will help you learn about yourself, clarify your values and interests, experiment with career ideas, and develop a plan to achieve your goals. (x3170)

The Trexler Library staff will help you with your research by assisting you in locating books, journal articles, government documents, and audio-visual materials. In the library you will learn how to use different electronic databases, CD-Roms, the internet, and interlibrary loan. (x3500/Circulation and x3600/Reference)

The Writing Center will help you identify your weaknesses and improve the writing process. This may include interpreting assignments, organization and research, developing an argument, and working on support, grammar, and style.