Academic Resource Center


Student Payroll Time Sheet

Time sheets are to be turned in monthly in order for students to be paid for tutoring. They must accompany the green Tutoring Record Form and the yellow Tutoring Session Progress Report. All payroll paperwork must be turned in on designated dates listed on the next page. A pay sheet will not be sent unless all reporting forms are complete. The total hours listed on the pay sheet must correspond with the Tutoring Record Report. Procedures for filling in information include the following:

  1. Check the box for department funds
  2. The department name is the Academic Resource Center
  3. The department project number is 20550
  4. The object number is 11-80330-15
  5. Sign the pay sheet!

Please take time to assure that all this information is recorded correctly before handing paperwork into the Academic Resource Center.


This better be right or I’ll get THE CALL! Let’s see… did I get all the codes right? Did I sign it?