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Tutoring Record (Green Sheet)

Tutoring record sheets are a summary of the tutor’s activities for the month and are filed in the individual tutor’s folder. These reports must match the Individual Progress Reports in terms of the name of the tutee, date, and time of tutoring. Tutors are responsible for the following:

  • Obtaining tutee information, name and course during your first session,
  • accurately recording the date and time of each session. Remember to record time to the closest quarter of an hour,
  • having the tutee sign the form for each session,
  • using brackets to indicate a group session. Note: you will be paid as if you were tutoring one student,
  • completing the information at the top regarding total tutoring for the month. Show your rate of pay and total the amount due,
  • recording all tutor training sessions, being sure to indicate the titles of the sessions you attended.

I’m almost done! What goes on the green form? Now who must sign where? Tutee here, faculty member there! Dates! Times! Help!!!!