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Tutoring Reports


An essential part of a tutor’s job is the reporting of tutoring sessions. The reports provide valuable information on student progress and are vital in documenting the work of each tutor. Failure to comply with the necessary reporting procedures may result in dismissal as a tutor. Tutors will be given several opportunities to turn in delinquent paperwork before being dismissed.

Reports are filed monthly in compliance with the payroll dates listed in the handbook. Documents for reporting include the Tutoring Session/Progress Report, the Tutoring Record Sheet, and the Pay Sheet (see samples). All reporting forms are available in the reception area of the Academic Resource Center, where there is also a folder for completed reports.

Individual Tutoring Session/Progress Report (yellow sheet)

These reports are filed for each student being tutored and include basic information about the student, the course being tutored, as well as the date, time, and content of the tutoring session. The reports are filed in the individual student’s folder as a record of exactly what was accomplished during each session and are used when conferring with faculty and/or the student. They remain confidential, however.

Procedures to follow on these reports include the following:

  • Fill in the complete information at the top of the form during the first tutoring session. For subsequent reports on the same student, the top information can include only the name of the student and the name of the tutor.
  • Time should be listed as the hour when tutoring began and ended, i.e., from 7 to 8 PM and should be rounded to the closest quarter of an hour.
  • Completely fill in all other information for each session. Be sure to list progress in the appropriate location.
  • If the tutee failed to meet with you for a scheduled session, you must note this on the report form. Tutors are required to wait 15 minutes for a tutee and will be paid for this time.
  • Take time to accurately state important facts about the tutoring session under the comments/concerns section at the bottom of the sheet. Examples: Student has difficulty with memorization; student is extremely disorganized; student comes to sessions prepared with questions. Comments do not have to be negative.

Paperwork drives me crazy! Isn’t there any easier way? Too much to fill out on this yellow form! What’s the name of my Head Tutor?