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Throughout each semester, experienced, trained Workshop Tutors and Peer Learning Assistants host content workshops in the evenings. These workshops offer students:

  • Enthusiastic dialogue
  • Relevant application of course concepts
  • Specific, course related study techniques
  • Strategies for exam preparation
  • Peer collaboration and discourse
  • The opportunity to practice the material
  • The chance for clarification
  • Emotional support

Schedule of Fall 2013 Workshops (PDF Document) - Updated 10/03/2013

The following list includes those classes that generally offer a workshop component:

Biology I & II

Chemistry I & II

Physics I & II

Calculus I & II

Psychological Statistics

Psychology Research Methods

Organic Chemistry I & II

Financial Accounting

Statistical Methods

Music Theory

Note: Students and faculty members may request workshops in any other course, when a need becomes evident.