Post-Graduate Plans

Class of 2012


We know that some of you already have your plans for after graduation.  Let us know by completing this form!  (You will likely only need to complete one of the sections)  If you are still seeking or still unsure - that's ok.  Let us help!

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Grad Date: (please change if incorrect)    Status:

Permanent E-Mail Address:   (non-Muhlenberg)

Street Address:

City:     State:     Zip:

Phone:     Cell:


Section 1 - Employed:

    Job Title:     Full-time     Part-time     Temporary

    Organization:     City, State:

    What products or services does your employer provide? 

    Annual Salary:      (all salary data is used for Career Center statistics only, without your name)

     How did you learn about this position?  (Check any that apply)

  Recruiting Program Career Connections posting Alumni Contact
  Faculty Member Career Counselor Job Fair (Which one?) 
  Family/Friends Internship Contact Online Posting (Which site?) 
  MSP Host Employer Website Other (please specify) 


Section 2 - Attending Graduate/Professional School:

    Graduate    Professional    Teacher Certification    Post-Baccalaureate Program    Other

    Degree Being Sought:     Program:

    Graduate/Professional School:     City, State:


Section 3 - Other

    Briefly describe your post-graduate plans (ex. traveling, auditioning, internship, caring for family member, etc.)



Which of the following programs or services provided by the Career Center aided or influenced you in attaining these plans?

Individual Counseling Appointment Resume / Cover Letter Critique Quick Questions (Walk-in Hours)
Workshop / Event Alumni Network / Alumni Panel Recruiting Program
Career Fair (on- or off-campus) Career Connections Database Career Center Web site
Mock Interview Other  I never used any of the Career Center's services nor attended any of their programs


May we congratulate you by listing your plans on the Senior Year Experience web page?  We would only include your name, location, and title/organization (or program/school if you are going to graduate or professional school.)  

    Yes   No



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