Career Center




The Career Center promotes career development by encouraging students to integrate their academic and co-curricular experiences and empowering them to:


Increase awareness of interests, skills and values; gather information and experience to assist with informed decision making; promote curiosity about the world in anticipation of lives of leadership and service.


Develop tools, strategies, skills and knowledge related to goals; improve ability to understand and communicate the value of an aggregate Muhlenberg experience; consider the challenges of college to career transition, and plan for lifelong learning to proactively manage a successful career path.


Network with and obtain information from professionals, organizations, alumni, and other resources that will help meet career goals; confidently demonstrate the ability to connect the campus and classroom experiences to the world beyond Muhlenberg.

The Career Center, Muhlenberg College
2400 Chew Street, Allentown, PA 18104-5586
Ph: (484) 664-3170    Fax: (484) 664-3533

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