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Choosing a major can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, but you have the information as well as the resources to make it easier! The following are suggestions on how you can break down the process to some more manageable steps.

The key to making a good decision about a major is to be sure you have considered all options, researched the possibilities, and have taken your interests and abilities into account.

    • Read the college catalog - highlight courses you must take while here (the ones that are too good to pass up).

    • Make a chart of potential majors; list the courses you are excited about.

    • Look at your chart of potential majors. Are there courses that you would not want to take? Is it possible to graduate with this major if you do not take those courses?

    • Talk to professors in the departments you are considering. Ask them about available courses, about what students with the major have gone on to do after graduation.

    • Talk to your faculty advisor.

    • Talk to students in the majors you are considering. What do they like about it? What would they change?

    • Talk to alumni who graduated with that major and are doing work you might enjoy. Use the Muhlenberg Career Network to identify individuals and take advantage of campus events that facilitate meetings between students and alumni, for example Alumni in the Spotlight Week.

    • Attend lectures and events to explore academic interests and career fields.

    • Talk to alumni and others who are working in fields you might enjoy. Find out what majors they recommend for someone who wants to enter the field.

    • Consider career opportunities related to various majors and research whether a particular major is preferred for the industry you hope to enter.

    • If your academic interests and career objectives are in different fields, consider a double major or major/minor combination to achieve both goals.

    • Use FOCUS online if you want more help with identifying how your interests compare to the interests of people within particular career fields or to particular majors.

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