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What are you going to do with your major?

Remember, a liberal arts degree opens a vast array of career choices and opportunities. Your degree has prepared you to approach problems analytically, think critically about ideas, research, organize your thoughts, and write about your findings. Your only limitation is thinking that you are only qualified for the traditional jobs in a selected major.

“The staying power of English as a major is based on its ability to meet our basic need for communication, for clarity, for exchange of meaning to get our work done correctly, efficiently, and with some degree of harmony.”
— Julie DeGalan

The following books are available in the Career Center Resource Library (Seegers Union, lower level). The locations of these books are next to the title with the section number:

  • I’m an English Major- Now What?-   Tim Lemire  EXPLORE
  • C areers for Writers and Others Who Have a Way with Words- Robert W. Bly  EXPLORE
  • Careers for Bookworms and Other Literary Types- Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler  EXPLORE
  • Great Jobs for English Majors- Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert  EXPLORE
  • 100 Jobs in Words- Scott A. Meyer  COM
  • Top Career for Liberal Arts Graduates-  Ferguson  EXPLORE
  • Career Opportunities in Journalism-  Jennifer Bobrow Burns COM
  • Careers in Journalism-  Jan Goldberg  COM
  • Career Opportunities in the Publishing Industry-  Fred and Jan Yager  COM
  • The Everything Guide to Magazine Writing-  Kim Kavin  COM
  • Current Jobs in Writing, Editing and Communications- Monthly Publication  Current Periodicals
Other Career Center resources:
  • This Handout available on the Career Center website or in the Career Center Resource Library.
  • What Can I Do With this Major? Additional Information and Links are available at:
  • Muhlenberg Career Network, a database accessible from the career library computer that provides contact information for Muhlenberg alumni who have volunteered to help students with their career goals.
  Examples of Jobs Held by Dance Majors:
  • Senior Writer (Sports Illustrated)
  • Executive Policy Specialist (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
  • Middle School English Teacher (Providence School District)
  • Assignment Editor (WCAU – NBC 10)
  • Associate (White and Case LLP)
  • TV Anchor (CBS 4 News/ UPN 33News)
  • Director of the Library (Krauth Memorial Library)

Graduate Programs:
  • Career Center:
    Peterson’s Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (GRAD 16)
    Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Humanities (GRAD 43)

Faculty Resources

  Advisors in the Muhlenberg English Department are excellent resources to find out professions in the English field and other careers pursued by English majors. In addition, advisors are willing to explore graduate school opportunities and options.
National Associations:
English Related Websites:
  Contains posted job opportunities in freelance writing with contact information.
  Provides links about graduate school programs in English, literature, journalism, library science, creative writing, and modern languages.  
  Allows you to search for jobs in journalism by industry, location, position, and job status.
  By clicking on “Find a Job,” then the “job listings” link on this site, you can view jobs in freelancing, journalism, medical writing, editing, publishing, and technical writing.
  Gives information about the different types of librarians, links for searching programs in library science, and employment opportunities.
  Discusses the nature of writing and editing jobs, working conditions, employment opportunities, salary information, and necessary qualifications.
  Discusses the nature of teaching positions, working conditions, employment opportunities, salary information, and necessary qualifications.

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