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What are you going to do with your major?

Remember, a liberal arts degree opens a vast array of career choicesand opportunities. Your degree has prepared you to approach problemsanalytically, think critically about ideas, research, organize yourthoughts, and write about your findings. Your only limitation isthinking that you are only qualified for the traditional jobs in aselected major.

 “Those who know nothingof foreign languages know nothing of their own.”
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The following books are available in the Career Center ResourceLibrary (Seegers Union, lower level). The locations of these booksare next to the title with the section number:

  • Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados & Other Multilingual Types - H.N. Seelye & J.L. Day (INTL)
  • Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers- Wilga M. Rivers (INTL)
  • Great Jobs For Foreign Language Majors- Julie DeGalan & Stephen Lambert (INTL)
  • Opportunities in Overseas Careers- Blythe Camenson (INTL)
  • Opportunities in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages- Blythe Camenson (INTL)
  • Inside A U.S. Embassy- American Foreign Service Association (GOV/LAW)
  • Careers in Foreign Languages- Blythe Camenson (INTL)
  • How to Get a Job in Europe- Cheryl Matherly & Robert Sanborn (INTL)
  • Best Resumes and CVs for International Jobs-  Ronald L. Krannick, Ph.D., & Wendy S. Enelow   (INTL)
  • The Translator’s Handbook- Morry Sofer (INTL)
  • Jobs for Travel Lovers- Ron and Cary Krannich  (INTL)
  • Careers in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality- Marjorie Eberts, et al.  (INTL)
  • Career Opportunities In The Travel Industry- Judy Colbert (INTL)
  • Careers in International Affairs (Seventh Edition)- Maria P. Carland & Lisa A. Gihring (INTL)
  • Work Abroad: the Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas- Clay Hubbs  (INTL)
  • International Job Finder: Where the Jobs are Worldwide- Daniel Lauber with Kraig Rice (INTL)
  • American Institute For Foreign Study Academic Year and Semester Abroad Programs (INTL)
  • Careers in International Business- Edward J. Halloran (INTL)
Other Career Center resources:
  • This Handout available on theCareer Center website or in the Career Center Resource Library.
  • What Can I Do With this Major? Additional Information and Links are available at:
  • Muhlenberg Career Network, a databaseaccessible from the career library computer that provides contactinformation for Muhlenberg alumni who have volunteered to helpstudents with their career goals.
  Examples of JobsHeld by Language Majors:
  • Teacher (The American School of Warsaw)
  • Attorney/Real Estate Broker (EJF Real Estate Services)
  • Communication Specialist (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratory)
  • Healthcare Representative (Pfizer. Inc.)
  • Director of HR (PA Medical Consultants)
  • Professor (Hamline University)
  • Assistant Director of Operations (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Chief of Current International Operations (The United States Air Force)
  • Bilingual Executive Assistant (Mack Trucks Inc.)
  • Executive V. P. (Publisher’s Clearing House)

Graduate Programs:
  • Career Center:
        Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Humanities 2004 (GRAD)
    Peterson’s Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (GRAD)

Faculty Resources

  Advisors in Muhlenberg’s various Language Literatures and Culturesdepartments are excellent resources to explore the variousprofessions relating to language studies and what careers aregenerally pursued by language majors.  Advisors are also willing todiscuss graduate school opportunities and options.
Professional Associations:
Journals and Publications:
Related Websites:
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