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What are you going to do with your major?

Remember, a liberal arts degree opens a vast array of career choicesand opportunities. Your degree has prepared you to approach problemsanalytically, think critically about ideas, research, organize yourthoughts, and write about your findings. Your only limitation isthinking that you are only qualified for the traditional jobs in aselected major.

“If you askmathematicians what they do, you always get the same answer.
They think.  They think aboutdifficult and unusual problems. They do not think
about ordinary problems: they just writedown the answers.”
Egrafov, M.

The following books are available in the Career Center ResourceLibrary (Seegers Union, lower level). The locations of these booksare next to the title with the section number:

  • Vault Guide to Finance Interviews 4th Ed. - Vault Staff ACC/BUS
  • Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance & Insurance - Fitch ACC/BUS
  • Financial Yellow Book Leadership Directory  ACC/BUS
  • Careers in Marketing- Stair & Stair  ACC/BUS
  • Great Jobs for Math Majors, 2nd Edition - Stephen Lambert & Ruth J. DeCotis  EXPLORE
  • Careers for Puzzle Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers - Jan Goldberg  EXPLORE
  • Resumes for Banking & Financial Careers - Professional Resume Series  RESOURCES
Other Career Center resources:
  • This Handout available on theCareer Center website or in the Career Center Resource Library.
  • What Can I Do With this Major? Additional Information and Links are available at:
  • Muhlenberg Career Network, a databaseaccessible from the career library computer that provides contactinformation for Muhlenberg alumni who have volunteered to helpstudents with their career goals.
Examples of JobsHeld by Math Majors:
  • Sales Operation Manager (IBM)
  • Graduate Student, PhD in Math (U. Maryland- College of Education)
  • Medical Systems Designer (Partners Health Care System)
  • Dean of College of Science & Mathematics (Lander University, GA)
  • Owner (Prudential Insurance Company)
  • Professor (Bucknell University, PA)

Graduate Programs:
  • Career Center:
        2005 Petersons Guide to: Graduate Programs on Physical Sciences, Mathematics,
           Agricultural Science, Environmental & Natural Resources (GRAD 17)
    2004 Petersons Guide to: Graduate Programs in Physical Sciences (GRAD 44)

Faculty Resources

  Advisors in theMuhlenberg Mathematics Department are excellent resources to exploreprofessions in the Mathematics field and other careers pursued byMathematics majors. In addition, advisors are willing to exploregraduate school opportunities and options.
National Associations:
Math RelatedWebsites:
  This sitecontains links for graduate school information, summer researchopportunities, study abroad opportunities, journals, events, honorsocieties, scholarships and career opportunities (jobs andinternships).
  This websiteallows you to post resumes, receive job alerts, track yourapplication, survey salaries and research companies and careers. Jobfields include investment, corporate finance, accounting, insurance,banking and more. Free registration required.
  Contains jobsearches in and out of the US in banking, insurance, finance,statistics, bioinformatics, computing, technology, management,teaching and applied math. Includes contact information and jobapplication tips.
  Includeseducational suggestions, employment predictions, earnings, training,work conditions, advancement opportunities, job outlook, relatedoccupations, and additional sources.
  Contains jobpostings from over 400 companies. This website allows you to createa personal account. To post resumes or setup a person search agentrequires membership. Discount student membership.
  Contains Upperlevel mathematical job listings. This website also containsinformation about salary information, interview advice, andinformation on non academic careers.
  Includesinformation on mathematical societies, undergraduate projects andresearch, summer programs, competitions, career information andundergraduate publications.


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