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What are you going to do with your major?

Remember, a liberal arts degree opens a vast array of career choicesand opportunities. Your degree has prepared you to approach problemsanalytically, think critically about ideas, research, organize yourthoughts, and write about your findings. Your only limitation isthinking that you are only qualified for the traditional jobs in aselected major.

“I think,therefore I am.”
Rene Descartes

The following books are available in the Career Center ResourceLibrary (Seegers Union, lower level). The locations of these booksare next to the title with the section number:
  • Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance ,and Insurance- Thomas Fitch  ACC/BUS
  • VGM Professional Careers Series: Careers in Marketing- Lila B. Stair & Leslie Stair  ACC/BUS
  • Careers for Writers & Others Who Have a Way with Words- Robert W. Bly  ART
  • Inside Secrets of Finding Teaching Jobs, 2nd Edition- Jack Warner & Clyde Bryan  EDU
  • Careers for Liberal Arts Graduates- Ferguson  EXPLORE
  • Careers for Puzzle Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers- Jan Goldberg  EXPLORE
  • Federal Civil Service Jobs 14th Ed.- Michele Lipson & Dawn McKay  GOV/LAW
  • Career Opportunities in Politics, Government & Activism- Joan Axelrod Contrada  GOV/LAW
  • Career Opportunities in Law & the Legal Industries- Susan Echare McDavid  GOV/LAW
  • Should you really be a Lawyer: Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During, and After Law School- Deb Schneider & Gary Bells  GOV/LAW
  • Vacations Work’s International Directory of Voluntary Work- Louise Whetter & Victoria Pybus  INTL
  • Peterson’s Law Schools 2004  LAW
  • 100 Jobs in Social Change- MacMillian  PSSN
Other Career Center resources:
  • This Handout available on theCareer Center website or in the Career Center Resource Library.
  • What Can I Do With this Major? Additional Information and Links are available at:
  • Muhlenberg Career Network, a databaseaccessible from the career library computer that provides contactinformation for Muhlenberg alumni who have volunteered to helpstudents with their career goals.
Examples of JobsHeld by Philosophy Majors:
  • QC Manager (Tetracore)
  • Research Associate (George Washington Univ. Center for Health Services
  • Manager, Business Intelligence (Prudential Financial)
  • Attorney (Sonick and Levin LLC)
  • Judicial Law Clerk (Morris County NJ)
  • ESL and Spanish teacher (Northampton County Public School)
  • Special Councilor (Wheeler, Trigg & Kennedy LLP)
  • Paraprofessional/ Teacher’s Assistant (North Shore Consortium)

Graduate Programs:
  • Career Center:
        Peterson’s Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (GRAD 16)
        Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Humanities
    (GRAD 43)

Faculty Resources

  Advisors in the Muhlenberg Philosophy Department are excellentresources to explore professions in the Philosophy field and othercareers pursued by Philosophy majors. In addition, advisors arewilling to explore graduate school opportunities and options.
National Associations:
Philosophy RelatedWebsites:
  Allows you tosearch for graduate schools all over the world and provides contactinformation for the schools.
  Ranks graduate schools and gives tips about how to apply.
  This part of the American Philosophical Association’s website givesinformation about the job market for people interested inphilosophy. The APA offers student membership opportunities.
  Has valuable information about the nature of the work, workingconditions, employment opportunities, salary, and necessarytraining.
  This site is for people seeking employment opportunities in thenon-profit sector and allows you to search for jobs, organizations,or internships.
  This handbook contains information on postgraduate careers,resources, professional schools, resumes, internships and careerpaths.
  Includes lists and descriptions of jobs that one can obtain with aPhilosophy major and analytical skills.

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