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What are you going to do with your major?

Remember, a liberal arts degree opens a vast array of career choicesand opportunities.  Your degree has prepared you to approachproblems analytically, think critically about ideas, research,organize your thoughts, and write about your findings. Your onlylimitation is thinking that you are only qualified for thetraditional jobs in a selected major.

“Complacency is perhaps the cardinal sin for those charged with protecting public health.”
– Sir Liam Donaldson

The following books are available in the Career Center ResourceLibrary (Seegers Union, lower level). The locations of these booksare next to the title with the section number:
  • Opportunities in Allied Health Careers- Alex Cagen  ESHT
  • Opportunities in Health and Medical Careers- Leo Paul D’Orazio and I. Donald Snook Jr.  ESHT
  • Top 100 Health-Care Careers- Dr. Saul Wischnitzer and Edith Wischnitzer  ESHT
  • Public Health: Career Choices That Make a Difference- Bernard J. Turnock  ESHT
  • Careers in Health Care- Barbara M. Swanson  ESHT
  • Opportunities in Hospital Administration Careers – I. Donald Snook Jr.  ESHT
  • The Best Hospitals in America- John W. Wright and Linda Sunshine  ESHT
Other Career Center resources:
  • This Handout available on theCareer Center website or in the Career Center Resource Library.
  • What Can I Do With a Career in Public Health? Additional Information and Links are available at:
  • Muhlenberg Career Network, a databaseaccessible from the career library computer that provides contactinformation for Muhlenberg alumni who have volunteered to helpstudents with their career goals.
Examples ofCareers in the Public Health Field:
  • Biostatistician
  • Public health practitioner
  • Nutritionist
  • International health specialist
  • Health care managers/administrator
  • Environmental health scientist
  • Specialists in society, human development, and health
  • Counselor
  • Health Education
  • Epidemiologist
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Research

Graduate Programs:
  • Career Center:
        Public Health Binder on the Health Professions Bookshelf
  • Faculty Resources:
    Advisors in the Muhlenberg Public Health Department are excellent resources to find out professions in the Public Health field and other careers pursued by Public Health minors. In addition, advisors are willing to explore graduate school opportunities and options.
Professional Associations:
  Thisassociation’s goal is to protect Americans and their communitiesfrom serious, preventable health threats.  They work within andoutside of governmental organizations and educational institutions.
  This national organization represents the deans, students andfaculty of the accredited members of schools of public health,working to strengthen their programs to meet national goals ofdisease prevention and health promotion.
  Focuses onpreventing the spread of disease and making health care moreaccessible to the public.
  Aninternational, non-governmental organization bringing togetherhealth workers throughout the world for professional exchange,collaboration, and action.
  A UN specializedagency working toward giving all peoples the highest level of healthpossible.
Journals and Publications:
  Published byOxford University Press.  This journal focuses on current theory andpractice regarding public health to promote higher standards in thefield.

Adivision of Medical News Today, the largest independenthealth and medical news website on the Internet.  Articles concernthe latest news in public health are published daily.

  Published by theAmerican Public Health Association. Dedicated to new research,research methods, and program evaluation in the field of publichealth.
  Monthly,international, peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier, aleading publisher of health science books and journals. 
  Aninternational, peer-reviewed general medical journal created topromote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of publichealth.
  A journalpublishing peer-reviewed research articles concerning all aspects ofepidemiology and public health medicine.  A resource for newresearch in the field.
  Aninternational, peer-reviewed journal of public health with a specialfocus on developing nations.
  A source forscholarly articles on the epidemiologic and social foundations ofpublic health policy.
  A peer-reviewedjournal regarding the design and implementation of public healthprograms.
Other Useful Resources:
  A component ofthe Department of Health and Human Services founded to help preventand control the spread of infectious diseases.  The CDC isrecognized at the forefront of research and investigation into thespread of infectious diseases.
  The AllentownHealth Bureau’s mission is to prevent disease and injury and toprotect and promote the public’s health.
  A non-profitassociation dedicated to achieving healthy communities throughresearch, training, and technical assistance.
  A U.S.-based,non-profit organization striving for improvement and equity inglobal health.
  Mission: toprotect human health and the environment through research,volunteerism, and education.

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