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A Suggested Timetable for Applying to Graduate School

Junior Year, Fall and Spring

• Attend "Gearing Up for Graduate School" events offered by the Career Center

• Research programs and size up different fields

• Take the appropriate admissions test

• Investigate sources of financial aid/funding

Junior Year, Summer

• Request application materials or collect/review online information

• Visit as many schools as you can

• Begin work on your admissions essay (really!)

• Check on application deadlines (admission and financial aid) and policies

Senior Year, Fall

• Attend "Gearing Up for Graduate School" events offered by the Career Center

• Request letters of recommendation from faculty

• If you haven’t done so or weren’t satisfied with your score, take your graduate admissions test

• Submit your completed application

• Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) (for more information refer to their website

• Apply for assistantships and/or other funding (Remember: these deadlines may be different than application deadlines)

Senior Year, Spring

• Call institutions to make sure all application materials have been received

• Visit institutions that accept you

• Send your deposit to the university you choose

• Notify other universities of your decision; this way they can offer your place to wait-list candidates

• Notify those who helped you of your decision and send thank you notes

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