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Job Search Guide

An online version of the Job Search Guide located in the Career Center — copies available for students in the Career Library. Includes tips on what to do with your major, how to conduct career research, tips on how to write resumes and cover letters, job search strategies, interviewing skills, follow-up, as well as information about salary, relocation, and transition.

Locate a Position

Provides a list of links used to search for job and internship opportunities. Organized under the following categories: General, Accounting/Business, Communication, Environment/Science/Health/Technology, Government/Law, Museum/Theatre/Arts, Psychology/Social Service/Non-Profits, Religion, and Special Populations.

Research an Organization

A list of online research tools used to find out more information about various organizations. Among others, includes online career libraries, various sites dedicated to non-profits, government agency sites, and lexis-nexis (a source for major media outlets).

Internship Manual

The Muhlenberg College Internship Manual. A Guide for Students, Faculty, and Site Supervisors. Includes tips on how to make the most of your internship, various guidelines, as well as important forms.


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