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Job Search Guide

Student's Guide to the Career Center

Liberal Arts Education:
Liberal Arts - What's It Good For?
What Do Liberal Arts Majors Do?

Self Research:
Where to Start (Assess Your Interests, Skills and Values)
Conduct Career Research
Career Decision Making/Goal-Setting
Internships and Research Experience

Write Your Resume
Resume Samples
Action Verbs
Market Your "Campus" Experience

Cover Letter:
Do Cover Letters Matter?
Cover Letter Samples

Job Search:
Job Search Strategies
Networking and the Informational Interview
Thinking About Attending a Job Fair?
Networking Contact Sheet
Find and Apply for a Federal Job
Connect with the Career Center - Career Connections
Campus Recruiting Program
Put Your Best Face(book) Forward
Make a Positive Impression: Voicemail and E-mail Etiquette
Coming Out: Advice for GLBTQIA Students
Students With Disabilities

Ace the Interview
Prepare for the Behavioral Interview
Interview Check List
Questions Asked by Employers
Phone Interviews & Handling Illegal Interview Questions
Legal Counterparts to Illegal Questions
Dress for Career Success

Follow Up:
How Important is Follow-Up?
Follow-up Letter Samples

Salary Negotiation
Websites with Salary Information

Life After 'Berg
Insurance Information & Relocation Resources
Relocation Resources
Movin' Out: Relocation Issues
Make the Leap - College to Career

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