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The tips on research and preparation still apply if your interview is by phone.

However, since the interviewer can't see your facial expressions showing your enthusiasm, warmth, sincerity and confidence, you need to be extra aware of making that come across in a phone interview.

The interviewer also can not see if you have your resume and notes in front of you, so use that to your advantage in being prepared for the interview. Be sure you can't be heard shuffling through papers though. Also, don't let the papers be a distraction to you.

Have a list of the employers and jobs for which you've applied next to the phone so you can quickly reference the call if unexpected.

Other helpful hints:

•  Turn off music, the computer and the television during the interview

•  Never put the employer on hold to respond to call-waiting

•  Stand, or at least sit up straight. Your voice will better project your enthusiasm.

•  If it will help you 'play the part' better, dress up for an interview. At the very least, change out of your pajamas!

•  Do not eat, drink, chew gum, or type on the computer during the interview.

•  Don't miss any of the advice in the "Ace the Interview"article. A phone interview is a screening technique to determine whether you're worthy to bring on-site. Take great care in your preparation.

•  Don't forget to follow up with a thank you note. Refer to the article on Follow Up .

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