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  1. Memory, Memorials, and Memoirs

  2. What are the ethics and politics of memory construction? What is the morality of memory? Are we obligated to remember people and events from the past? Are there some things we are obligated to forget? Do we have a responsibility, through memory and remembrance, to repair past mistakes? Should we ever attempt to erase memories?  What is collective memory and what it its relationship to personal memory? What is the relationship between memory, myth, and truth? In what ways is memory construction a cause and effect of access to power? How is memory used in shaping the public and granting access to communities?  Are there more or less ethical ways to access and attempt to shape memory?  Is there such a thing as false memories, recovered memories, and if so, what are the implications for the ethics and morality of memory?

  3. Memory, Memorials, and Memoirs is the Fall 2011 Center for Ethics program co-directed by Holly Cate (Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance) and Dr. Paul McEwan (Assistant Professor of Media & Communication and Co-Director of the Film Studies Program)

  4. Please feel free to contact Holly Cate (Holly.Cate@muhlenberg.edu) or Dr. Paul McEwan (Paul.McEwan@gw.muhlenberg.edu) regarding program questions, or contact Lanethea Mathews, Director of the Center for Ethics (mathews@muhlenberg.edu) for more information.



Monday April 11, 2011
Michael Parent
Franco-American storyteller
7:30 PM Recital Hall, Baker Center for the Arts
Co-sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literatures, and Cultures and the Center for Ethics

Je me souviens: Memories of a Mainer with Quebec in his veins

What does growing up in a Franco-American culture mean? Michael Parent performs songs in English and French and excerpts from one-man shows that he has composed and written. He examines issues of identity wrapped up in language and memories of Quebecois and French culture.

Parent, a native of Maine, has performed as a storyteller and singer since 1977 to varied audiences, including schools, theaters, libraries, and festivals. Parent also teaches storytelling, story-writing, and performance workshops. His work encourages an appreciation of Franco-American culture around the world.

For questions or more information about this event, please contact Dr. Eileen McEwan (Eileen.McEwan@gw.muhlenberg.edu) .

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