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Civility and Disobedience

    1. Tuesday, September 2, 2014                          
      7:30PM    Miller Forum, Moyer Hall

      Civility and Disobedience Kickoff Event

      Barbara Cruikshank
      U. Mass Amherst

    2. "Silencing Protest: On the Ethics and Politics of Social Theory"

      B CruikshankDoes history make protest or does protest make history? Do protests rise up through the fissures and structural instabilities of systems (e.g., capitalist, liberal, racial, environmental, sex/gender systems)? Or does protest create those fissures and instabilities? Do all the massive protests underway around the world since 2011, starting in Tunisia, share a time frame, an epoch, or are they making a time frame and thus making history? These are central questions of social theory today on the subject of protest. In my inquiry on how the time of protest is conceptualized in social theory, I find that although social theory on the times of protest is typically written by those whose political sympathies align with the protests they study, they have the perverse effect of silencing protest. In the gap between what happens in protest and what is said to have happened in social theory, I find five reasons to reconsider the ethics of social theory.

      Cruikshank studies the history of reform, social movements, the politics of sex and sexuality, and relations of power and knowledge. She is the author of the forthcoming book Neopolitics: Activism, Reform, and the Practices of Freedom.
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      Friday, September 12, 2014                            
      2:00PM    Trumbower 130

      Muhlenberg Alumni Activism Panel
      Adrian Shanker (’09), Alex Lotorto (’09), and Kelly Howe (’03)
      Three Muhlenberg graduates discuss different forms of activism. Presented in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend.
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      Civility and Disobedience is directed by Brian Mello, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Christine Sistare, Professor of Philosophy.

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