Public Relations

Faculty Scholarship and Professional Engagement: Fall 2017

Art Studio

  • Emily Orzech, assistant professor of art, had works selected by Clair Gilman, chief curator of the Drawing Center, for inclusion in the Great Lakes Drawing Biennial. The show will be held at Eastern Michigan University Gallery, School of Art & Design, Yipsilanti, MI from Sep 6 through Oct 11.


  • Daniel Klem Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology & Conservation Biology Daniel Klem will present Bird/Window Collisions: Historical Research & Contemporary Solutions at a joint meeting of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club and Audubon PA at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University on Oct 5Read More

Business Administration

  • Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, is the author of 'Choral Conductors Today: An Updated Report,' published by Chorus America. The 2017 report is the successor to a similar research project that Kushner wrote for Chorus America in 2005. Read More
  • Holmes Miller, professor of business, was co-author of the paper 'The Precautionary Principle: A More Granular Approach,' which was presented earlier this month at the 29th International Conference on System Research, Informatics & Cybernetics, in Baden-Baden, Germany.


  • Sherri Young, assistant professor of chemistry, presented a poster titled "Synthesis and study of peptoid-based blood-brain barrier shuttles" at the 10th Peptoid Summit, held at the Molecular Foundry in Berkeley, CA on August 10-11.


  • Tom Cartelli, professor of English & film studies, contributed 'Disassembly, Montage and Meaning-Making in Annie Dorsen's A Piece of Work: a machine-made Hamlet (2013)' to a seminar on Avant-garde Shakespeare at the European Shakespeare Research Association’s biannual meeting in July in Poland.
  • Grant Scott, Professor of English, published the essay, 'Keats and Sociability,' in the volume 'John Keats in Context' (Cambridge UP, 2017).


  • Daniel J. Wilson, professor of history, presented 'Polio Care in the Epidemic Years' at a conference of the Pennsylvania Polio Network held in Doylestown, PA in Aug. The presentations was simulcast in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh and streamed on the Internet.

Inst. for Jewish-Christian Understanding

  • Peter A. Pettit was scholar-in-residence for a study trip to Israel and Palestine for Protestant seminary faculty, and co-led an In terfaith Partners 4 Peace study trip focusing on race relations in Israel.

Lectures & Forums

  • Dr. Kate Ranieri (Media/Comm) & Susan Falciani (Trexler Library) are presenting at the third annual Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research. National Workshop in Washington DC., Sept 7 to 9, 2017.

Media and Communication

  • David Tafler, professor of media & communication and film studies, presented: 'Human Agency and media effects: Mobilizing Somatic Performative documentary to combat climate change,' at the Visible Evidence XXIV International Conference on Documentary Film and Media in Buenos Aires, August 3, 2017.
  • Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, assistant professor of media & communication, presented her performance ethnography work in a two-part interactive workshop, 'Cartographies of Participatory Media,’ at the Visible Evidence XXIV International Conference on Documentary Film & Media in Buenos Aires, August 2017.
  • Irene Chien, assistant professor of media & communication, published a chapter titled 'Journey into the Techno-Primitive Desert' in the book 'Gaming Representation, Race, Gender and Sexuality in Video Games.' Read More

Political Science

  • Mohsin Hashim, professor of political science and director of the Dana Scholars honors program, published 'Putin’s High-Modernism and its Limits - Assessing the Sources of State Incapacity in Russia' in Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Vol. 50, Issue 3: 195-205.

Religion Studies

  • Peter A. Pettit penned the cover story for the August 30 issue of Christian Century, "How new is the new Christian Zionism?" Read More


  • Sharrell D. Luckett, assistant professor of theatre, recently served as Dramaturg for 'Ruined' by Lynn Nottage at Hattiloo Theatre in Memphis, TN. This production was the first play mounted under the leadership of acclaimed Broadway playwright Katori Hall (artistic director).