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East Hall Renderings

A Vision of the Muhlenberg College Residential Experience-
Guiding the Renovation of East Hall

As a four year, residential liberal arts institution, Muhlenberg College houses approximately 90% of our students in a variety of student housing options. From traditional residence halls, to Greek houses, to suite/apartment style buildings, to houses surrounding the main campus- Muhlenberg offers an array of housing choices that can suit students’ different preferences, needs, and expectations. East Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus and holds a rich history as well as an aesthetic quality that enhances the overall appearance of the campus.

While East Hall has undergone various small scale repairs, maintenance, and renovations, as the oldest residence hall it is no longer one of the most desirable buildings for upper class students. Many sophomores prefer Martin Luther Hall or Taylor Hall and many juniors and seniors tend to seek apartment and suite style options. A renovation of East Hall could return it to its prior status as a highly sought after upper class residence hall. East Hall is a unique building with its own character. Any renovation would need to take this character into account while updating the building to meet the modern needs and expectations of students.

The Office of Residential Services maintains a 4 year developmental approach to college housing.  Students receive a more hands-on approach their first year to assist with their transition to the campus environment.  As students progress during their college career, they are afforded opportunities to different living experiences.  East Hall currently has a blend of seniors, juniors and sophomores who live in the building each year.  The building has to meet the needs of students who still may want increased interactions with their residents to those who seek a quieter, more private living environment.

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