Construction at 'Berg


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The entire site will be fenced-in except at the front and rear of the existing Hillel building.  A pile of topsoil will be located inside the construction fence at the corner of Chew and Leh Streets.  Materials will be stored on Leh Street within the fencing.  The masonry foundations walls of the new addition will be installed and backfilled.  The lower level concrete slab on grade will just have been poured, and the masonry walls above grade will just be starting.


The load bearing metal stud wall framing on the lower level will be installed (approximately half of all the lower level framing), and the structural steel for the entire addition will just be finishing up.  Some of the metal stairs will be going in.  The brick veneer and stucco on the outside of the building will be about to start.


The exterior of the HSA building will start to get a finished look to it.  The stucco and brick veneer will be complete.  Windows and roofing will be in the process of being installed.  The new sidewalks will be installed and the rework of Leh Street about to happen.  Inside the building, all the concrete slabs will be in, and all types of rough in work will be ongoing by electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and sprinkler subcontractors (e.g., piping, conduit, ductwork, etc.).  The carpenter will continue framing walls on all levels of the building.


The exterior seeding and plantings should be complete.  Inside the building, the elevator installation will have started and drywall work will be completing.  Finishes such as ceramic tile, flooring, painting, ceilings, etc. will be ongoing.


All work will be in the completion stages.  Final odds and ends will be in the process of being completed, and testing of systems should be close to completion.  Final punch list work will be started.