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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is the SASS hotline number?

SASS’s hotline phone number is 610-737-6103.


  • When can I call the hotline?

SASS volunteers staff the hotline Monday-Wednesday from 5:00 PM-7:00 AM and 24 hours a day Thursday-Sunday.


  • Who am I talking to when I call the SASS hotline?

SASS hotline volunteers are students at Muhlenberg who have undergone training run by both Crime Victims Council and Muhlenberg College Counseling Services. Students who volunteer with SASS are individuals who are passionate about serving the community.


  • Will anyone know that I am calling?

No. SASS is a completely anonymous hotline. Volunteers on call will never ask for your name or any identifying information.


  • If I call the hotline, is anyone going to report what I say?

SASS is not a reporting body—no formal report of any kind will ever be filed. A call log noting the time and date of the call will be kept in a file maintained by the head of Counseling Services simply for record-keeping purposes. If you would like to file a report, SASS volunteers will assist you in taking the appropriate steps.


  • What if the reason I am calling pertains to something that happened a long time ago?  Or what something happened off campus? Can I still call the hotline?

Yes! You can call the SASS hotline to obtain guidance and support following the occurrence of sexual violence regardless of when or where the sexual trauma occurred.


  • What if my friend/loved one/someone else I know is affected by sexual violence? Can I still call the hotline?

Yes! Sexual violence affects not only the survivor, but those who care about the survivor as well. Feel free to call the hotline to talk about supporting a survivor and to take care of yourself as well!


  • How can I get involved with SASS?

We are always looking volunteers to help run the hotline! For more information on becoming a volunteer for SASS, please contact:

  • Anita Kelly
  • .
  • Rebecca Golden
  • .
  • Elaine Gersz
  • .
  • Aisha Kourouma
  • .