Dean of Academic Life


Summer Research Grant Recipients

Joshua Clement '14
"Community-Led Development in Bulongwa, Tanzania"

Max Greenberg '15
"The influence of estradiol and progesterone on the phonotaxal behavior of the Scaphiopus holbrooksi"

Cyrus Kuschner '14
"Uncovering GCN5's pathway of epigenetic control of cell differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana "

Dominic Lapadula '14
"Investigation of Potential Upstream Regulators of nhr-67 in C. elegans"

Elizabeth Neary '14
"George Egerton"

Cimarron Sharon '14
"Are fear memories linked? The extinction of fear memories following sensory pre-conditioning in an animal model of PTSD"

Kenn Andersen '13
"The Investigation of Fatty Acid Transport Protein and its Function in the Regulation of Juvenile Hormone Synthesis in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes"

Brianna Brown '13
"Chester:  A Study of Environmental Racism"

Jaclyn Durkin '13
"The Effects of Distraction on Consolidation of Traumatic Memory in an Animal Model of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)"

Garrett Gallinot '13
"A Study of Political Apathy and its Effect on the Political Process"

Gillian Irwin '13
"Balinese Gamelan and Perceptions of Time"

Jenna Kotak '13
"The Effect of GCN5 on the Expression of Trichome Genes"

Evan Lovas '13
"Conflict in Africa:  The Impact of Intrastate Conflict upon State-Capacity"


  1. Stephanie Bayruns '12
  2. “The Effects of Exogenous Estrogen Hormone on the Phenotypic Plastic Response of Ambystoma maculatum Larvae to Predation by Notophthalmusviridescens”

Caitlin Burgdorf '12

  1. "Effects of Manzate on odor discrimination of floral odorants in bumblebees ”
  2. Declined award to participate in Mount Sinai School of Medicine Research Program

Alexander Kossar '12
"Conferring Neurosteroid  Sensitivity to the Glycine Receptor: The Elucidation of a Putative Binding Site in the GABAA Receptor” 

Karissa McCarthy '12

  1. “Farm to School: Profiling an Emerging Movement”

Amanda Meier '13

  1. “Among Plant Differences in Volatile Chemistry in Lindera benoin: Are Different Phentypes of Scent?”

Jonathan Morgan '12

  1. “The Good of Moral Goodness”

Sara Romanello '12

  1. “Muslim and American: A Qualitative Examination of Potentially Conflicting Identities”

Brittany Sherman '12

  1. “An animal model of post-traumatic stress disorder: Alleviating stress using post-reactivation propranolol”


  1. Darren Cole-Henry '11
  2. “Electronic Life:  A Mimetic Exploration of the Value of Technology”

Steven Finkelstein '11

  1. “Der Tod und Das Mädchen:  Translation of Character from Old to New”

David Gasalberti '11,
"Evaluation of Lmbx in Lincomycin Biosyntheses” 
Declined Award to intern at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Samuel Gottheim '11

  1. “The Generation and Study of Cyclic Polyynes”

Erika Liljestrand '11

  1. “Swim:  A Short Film”

Christopher Maher '11

  1. “Digital Frontier:  Social Hierarchies in Anonymous Online Communities”

Caitlin Norcross '11

  1. “Synthesis of a Lead-Trapping Fluorescing Cryptand”

Sheelagh Pousatis '11
“Regeneration of Streblospio benedicti head appendages:  Visualization of nerveregeneration using immunohistochemistry”
Declined Award to take the Dr. James Vaughan Award

Patrick Scheid '11

  1. “Thwarted:  the Scandal over Burgoyne’s Good Name”

Thomas Bertorelli '10
"The Perceptions of Immunization"

Joshua Cohen '11
"Reversing Frustration Using Protein Synthesis Inhibition: A New Model and Approach to Studying Mental Illness"

John DiMeglio '10
“Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral C2-Symmetric Imidazole-Based Deoromatization Agents”

Kathleen Henley '11 and Diana Ortiz '11
“The Efficiency of Solar Panels as an Alternative Energy Resource for Muhlenberg College”

Paul Herod '10

“Investigating Neural Substrates of Behavior Elicited by Naturalistic Motion in the Hawk Moth Manuduca sexta

Sarah Messbauer '11
“Songs of Saudade: Portuguese Fado and the Culture of Song”

Michael Petriello '10

“The Effects of Pesticide Use on Earthworms: A Metabolomics Experiment”

Kaitlin Ritter '10
"Olfactory Navigation in Bombus impatiens"
Declined Award to take the Dr. James Vaughan Award

Michelle Bielko '09
“Agents of Desensitization: Disabling Male Resistance to Brutal Duels in the Antebellum South”

Stephanie Bywaters '10
“Electron Microscopic Analysis of Uterus Development in the Nematode Worm”

Eirinn Disbrow '10 and Avivah Furman '10
“Exploring the Ethical Dilemmas Behind Cross-Cultural Volunteerism”

Zachary Kuschner '09
“GCN5 Activity in Arabidopsis Flowers”

Colleen McDonald '09

“Bringing the Music of Vítězslava Kaprálová to Life”

Emily Petchler '09
“Costs and Benefits of the symbiotic interaction between Crepidula adunca and
Calliostoma ligatum

Ilya Slizovskiy '09
“Surfactant Facilitated Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils”

Margaret Bruskewicz '08
"Dance As Embodied Culture: How Contemporary Modern Dance Choregraphers Are Influenced By American Culture"

Katherine Conrad '08
"Sex Sells: A Comparison Study Examining the Legal Standing of Sex Work and Its Impact on Public Health"

Emily Hanlen '08
"Bridging the Gap: HIV/AIDS Prevention Education in South Africa"

Chelsea Lobdell '09
"Assessment of Data Management Systems for Muhlenberg's Peer Tutoring Program"

Jaclyn MacFarlane '09
"Historical and Empirical Overview of Autism as a Special Education Category"

Emily Petchler '09
"Costs and Benefits of the symbiotic interaction between Crepidula adunca and Calliostoma ligatum"

Jacqueline Starner '08
"Public Performance of my Choregraphy based on Analysis of Jack Kerouac's On The Road and Dharma Burns"

Marianne Cataldo '07
"Rates of Heribvory on Chemically Defended Ulvoid Algae, Ulva fenestrata, Ulva linza, and Ulvaria obscura"

Jacqueline Margot Appel '07 and Alexandra Valerie Goncherova '07
"The Study of Equity Market Price Bubbles in Gender Segregated Populations"

Nicole Washburn '07
"Comparing the Reproductive Structures of two similar species, Streblaspio benedicti and Steblaspio gynobranchiata"

Atom Kallen '07
"Shades of Feeling: photographic studies that explore the use of color"

Hillary Gordon '07
"Ability of over expressed Ada2a-ada2b chimeric transgenes to rescue Arabidoopsis thaliana ada2b mutants"

Travis McDemus '07
"Video Analysis Techniques for Interactive Multimedia Applications"

Meghan Courtney '07
"The Challenge of Establishing a Self-Sustaining Media Movement within an Economically Dependent Indigenous Community"

Catherine Bell '07

“Do Small Cities Matter? Allentown: A case study of America’s smaller cities and their capacity to combat issues associated with larger metropolital areas”

Theodor Gordon '06
“Sharing the Seaside: An Ethnographic Study of Coastal Tourism in Southern New Jersey”

Daniel Perlow '06
"Coordination Chemistry: Complexation of d 6 configuration transition metals with novel ligands to aromatic deactiviating complexes”

Laura Sheard '07
“Key domains in the recognition of allopregnanolone on GABA A receptors”

Audrey Daggan '05 and Laura Sutherland '05
"Capturing our Rythms: Creating Music from Conversation"

John Gillespie '05
"The Mechanisms by Which Kava Increase GABAergic Activity"

Johanna Nelson '05
"The Search for Supernovae in Remote Galaxies using Muhlenberg College's Robotic Telescope"

Anthony Scicchitano '05
"The effect of fuel-efficient vehicle policy intiatives"

Laura Sheard '07
"Key domains in the recognition of allopregnanolone on GABAA receptors"

Mackenzie Smith '06
"Chemical Analysis of 19th Century Woodcarvings at the Winterthur Museum"

Tara Trudnak '05
"An Ethnographic Assessment of the Planning and Efficacy of Diversity Education Programming at Muhlenberg College"