Office of Disability Services




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Muhlenberg College continues to strive toward accessibility for all of its buildings. To date, the following buildings are fully accessible:

Residence Halls
Martin Luther Hall
Robertson Hall
South Hall
Taylor Hall
Walz Hall
Benfer Hall
Keck House-1st floor apartment (MILE House-Muhlenberg Independent Living Experience)
Prosser Hall
The Village (Buildings 1 & 5= first floor access, Building 2= second floor access, Buildings 3 & 4= first and second floor access) – (one Building has an accessible ramp)

Academic Buildings
Walson Hall (site of Communication Department, TV studio & radio station)
Moyer Hall
Science Building

Specialized Campus Buildings
Haas College Center
Trexler Library
Life Sports Center
Seegers Union
Egner Hall
Performing Arts Building
Center for the Arts
(accessible through a separate entrance)

The following buildings are NOT accessible:
Residence Halls

Brown Hall
East Hall
Hillcrest House

As Muhlenberg College acquires or constructs new buildings, full accessibility will be a priority

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