Office of Disability Services



Special Advising

Academic advising plays a key role in the success of students with disabilities as they make the transition to post secondary institutions. During the academic advising process, students may identify themselves as having a disability. Advising students with disabilities presents many challenges including certain legal and ethical considerations that accompany the college advisor’s role.


Students with documented disabilities may receive special advising starting with a pre-advising appointment during the June Advising Event. To make this session valuable, it is important for students with disabilities to have their documentation submitted to the Office of Disability Services in advance of the June Advising Event. Submitting the disability documentation in advance allows the Office of Disability Services to communicate with the specialists in the Academic Resource Center, Student Health Center, and/or the Office of Counseling Services regarding the students’ particular history of disability services and accommodations. Once matriculated, students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with the Director of the Office of Disability Services and/or one of the Learning Specialists in the Academic Resource Center to discuss appropriate course selections as they relate to the area of disability. In order to maximize the benefit of the Special Advising opportunity, it is best that these discussions take place prior to each semester’s registration period.