Office of Disability Services


Documentation and Verification of Attention Deficit Disorder

Students requesting accommodations based on a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder are required to submit documeuation verifying eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This documentation must include a comprehensive assessment prepared by a licensed professional. The diagnostician must be an impartial individual who is not a family member nor in a dual relationship with the student. This assessment should be current, reflect significant impairment impacting a major life function, and include a clearly stated diagnosis, It must include a full narrative report and evidence of childhood onset.

The diagnosis and recommended accommodations must be clearly linked to the evaluative information with a discussion of each. The assessment must include the information listed below.

checkmarkEvidence that ADHD-type symptoms arose in childhood:

checkmarkApproximate age of onset

checkmark Date of diagnosis

checkmark Retrospective review of DSM-IV criteria, indicating the symptoms endorsed

checkmark Evidence of significant impact on academic functioning

checkmarkPrior accommodations and treatments; if there were none, explain why not

checkmarkIf not previously diagnosed or treated, what factors allowed for successful compensation

checkmarkEvidence that symptoms currently meet DSM-IV criteria in nature and severity;

checkmarkReport the symptoms evident in current functioning

checkmark Provide objective evidence of significant functional impairment

checkmarkSymptoms cannot be explained by other psychiatric or cognitive factors

checkmarkExplanation of current, mitigating factors

checkmark Accommodations


checkmarkSide effects, etc

checkmark Rationale for accommodations being requested:

checkmarkBasis for recommended accommodations

checkmarkList and discuss current or pat accommodations utilized

checkmarkEvidence from client's history that particular accommodations have been successful