Office of Disability Services


Documentation for Physical and Chronic Health-Related Disabilities

1Chronic Disabilities

Students with physical, mobility, or health-related disabilities who will be requesting accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services must submit/transmit their documentation and a completed Disability Disclosure Document to the Muhlenberg College Office of Disability Services.

Students with a chronic physical, mobility, or health-related disability must provide current, detailed documentation verifying a disabling condition by a licensed health care professional who 1.) is qualified to diagnosis the disability 2.) is currently or recently associated with the student in a health care professional/patient relationship, 3.) is an impartial diagnostician who is not a family member nor in a dual relationship with the student, and 4.) is familiar with the challenges and functional requirements of a college environment. The diagnosis must reflect the student's present and projected level of functioning in the major life activity affected by the disability, and include recommendations for accommodations. All recommended accommodations must be clearly linked to the diagnosis and must include an explanation of each.

The Evaluation prepared by the diagnosing medical professional should include information designated by the bulleted items listed below and be written on letterhead.

2Information regarding the nature and cause of the condition, including age/time of onset

3A clear diagnostic statement including:

●a summary of assessment procedures & evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis

●a summary of present conditions and the date of the most recent evaluation

*The expected duration, stability, or progression of the condition

*The current impact of (or limitations imposed by) the condition

*A statement of the significant impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities and the degree to which it impacts the individual in the post secondary environment

*Treatments medications, devices, and services currently prescribed or used to minimize the impact of the condition

4A statement of the level of need for the requested accommodation and a clear connection between the recommended accommodation and the impact of the condition


5Temporary Medical Conditions that Warrant Accommodations
Students seeking accommodations, auxiliary aids, or services on the basis of a temporary medical condition must consult with Muhlenberg College Health Services Office and be referred to the Office of Disability Services.  In addition to consultation with both Offices, a report from the treating medical professional must be provided that includes the information listed above.