Office of Financial Aid

  1. PROFILE collects personal financial information. How can I be assured that my information will remain confidential?Your application data is sent only to the colleges and programs that you authorize. Your information is stored in a secure environment with firewall protection and is not shared with anyone else.

    All of the information that passes between the College Board and your computer, including your payment information is data encrypted. Encryption technology ensures that data remain secure while being transmitted along the Internet.
  1. How much does the PROFILE Application cost?
    All students are charged $25 for the initial application. This covers the costs of creating your PROFILE Application and the first school report. You will be charged $16 for each additional college or program to which you want information sent. This covers the cost of processing and reporting your information to those colleges and programs. 

    A limited number of fee waivers are granted automatically to first-time college applicants from families with very low incomes and few assets.
  1. How do I know if my college or program uses PROFILE?
    You can search a list of colleges, universities, and scholarship programs that use PROFILE at the PROFILE Web site.
  1. How will I know that the College Board has received my submitted PROFILE Application?
    Your PROFILE Acknowledgment is your record of submitting the PROFILE. It shows the colleges and programs to which we will send your information and reports the data you provided in your application. The Acknowledgment may also include messages from your colleges and programs advising you of the next steps in the process.
  1. Can I change my answer to a registration question once I have begun the PROFILE Application?
    Yes. You can change any answer to any question before you submit the application. In fact, if your answers to application questions conflict with your answers to registration questions, the system will direct you to review your answers before submitting your application. 
  1. If I change my mind about applying to a particular college or program after registering, can I delete that code number?
    You can change your college or program choices at any time up until you submit your completed application to the College Board. After submission you may only add new colleges or programs to receive your application data. 
  1. When I reviewed my Acknowledgment, I realized that I made an error on my submitted PROFILE application. Can I change the application and resubmit it to my colleges and programs?
    After you submit your PROFILE application it is not possible to change your information online. Print out your Acknowledgment, update the incorrect data, and send copies to the colleges or programs to which you requested your PROFILE data be sent. If you add an additional college or program to the original report, you may update your application data for those colleges only.
  1. How can I add a college or program after I’ve submitted my PROFILE Application?
    You can add a college or program to your PROFILE Application by going to the PROFILE Home Page and clicking “Add Colleges to Submitted Applications”.  The charge is $16 for each additional college or program to which you want your information sent.  If you listed fewer than six colleges or programs on your original application and you qualified for a fee waiver, your remaining fee waiver eligibility will be automatically applied when adding colleges or programs.
  1. Can I use PROFILE to apply for federal student aid?
    No. For federal assistance you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can complete FAFSA on the Web ( or call 800 433 3243 for more information.
  1. My parents don’t have a computer at home. How can I complete the online   application?
    Register for PROFILE using a computer in your high school or local library, print the customized Pre-Application Worksheet and Application Instructions and review them with your parents. Enter the application information when you log back into your application using your secure username and password.
  1. Why must my parent complete the Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP)?
    Many colleges need to evaluate both your custodial parent’s financial circumstances from information on the PROFILE and your noncustodial parent’s financial circumstances from information on the NCP. The fee for this service is $25.
  1. What is IDOC?
    The Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) is the College Board’s data collection and verification service. Many colleges participate in the service to streamline the collection of tax returns from families. There is no charge to applicants for this service. The College Board will notify you if IDOC is required.
  1. What if my 2010 tax return is not completed yet?
    If a tax return has not been completed yet. If you, your spouse and/or your parents haven’t completed a 2010 U.S. income tax return but will be filing one, estimate 2010 income and benefits using income and tax records from 2008 in addition to salary records from 2010. If you need to correct PROFILE information after filing the tax return, do so directly with your schools and scholarship programs.

    If a tax return won’t be filed. Even if you and your spouse and/or parents will not file an income tax return for 2010, it will be necessary to know earnings for the year. Also, you will need records showing the amount of income reported on the PROFILE.