Graver Arboretum


Virtual Tour

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A Caretaker's House
Caretaker's House
D Scout Shelter
Scout Shelter

E Arboretum Farmhouse
Arboretum Farmhouse
F Science Lab
Science Lab
G Barn
P Visitor Parking
Visitor Parking
*  Information Board
Information Board
Rest Room
Rest Room
1 Lee's Pond
Lee's Pond
2 Second Pond
Second Pond
3 Skating Pond
Skating Pond
4 Shade Pond
Shade Pond
5 Virginia's Pond
Virginia's Pond
 6 Scout Pond
Scout Pond
7 Jim's Pond
Jim's Pond
8 Meadow Pond
Meadow Pond
S Back Gate
Back Gate
Wildflower Meadow
Wildflower Meadow
Conifer Arboretum
Conifer Arboretum
Natural Area
Natural Area

Click here to view a video of the habitats and wildlife of the forest layers at Graver Arboretum. Video produced by Brian Patterson and Ann Kristofic, summer 2001.

More Photos of Graver Arboretum, taken by Keith Gardiner
(leaving Graver Web