Health Center


Health Services - Summer 2015

Health Services is closed during the summer, ceasing operation for the spring semester on Friday May 15, 2015 and resuming services on Monday August 17, 2015.  The following information should be considered if health care is needed during this time.

Students should call Campus Safety (484-664-3110) for all injuries and emergencies.

  • Students are responsible for the cost of all medical care received during the summer and should check with their health insurance providers for participating/in-network physicians in the area.    Students are responsible for understanding their health insurance coverage & limitations. 
  • Students may call the following physicians for care, with the understanding that they will be responsible for full payment if health insurance does not participate with these physicians:

  • Thomas Czajkowski, MD: 3131 College Heights Blvd., Suite 2200 · Allentown, PA 18103 · 610-433-8615

Dennis McGorry, Jr., MD:3050 Hamilton Blvd. · Allentown, PA 18103 · 610-432-2013

Joseph Habig, MD & Jaclyn Sperrazza, DO:  798 Hausman Rd, Suite 250, Allentown, PA 18104; 610-973-3868

Darshan Patel, MD: 3420 Walbert Avenue, Suite 100 · Allentown, PA 18104 · 610-530-8413

Patient First: 3178 Tilghman Street·Allentown, PA 18104· 610-844-9150; Hours 8am – 10pm 7 days per week

Students may also utilize the local emergency departments:

St. Luke’s Allentown: 18th & Hamilton Streets · Allentown, PA · 610-628-8300

Sacred Heart Hospital: 421 Chew Street · Allentown, PA · 610-776-4622

Lehigh Valley Hospital: 17th & Chew Streets · Allentown, PA · 610-969-2226

Lehigh Valley Hospital:  I-78 & Cedar Crest Blvd · Allentown, PA · 610-402-8111

The traditional on-call system, which operates throughout the school year, will cease after graduation on May 17, 2015.  The on-call RN services will resume Monday, August 17, 2015.  The Health Center staff will continue to check telephone messages at least weekly throughout the summer. Please leave a message on the Health Center telephone if you need to speak with a staff member.   Have a safe, enjoyable, and healthy summer!