Health Center


Pharmacy Services

The Health Center does stock limited supplies of medications which are prescribed by the Health Center staff for students.  There is a nominal fee for the medications.  Payment for medications is due at the time of distribution. The College Health Center does not participate in any pharmacy plans.

The Health Center has also arranged daily delivery services from outside pharmacies to the Health Center.

The pharmacies which deliver to the Health Center are:

  1. Walter’s Pharmacy
  2. 401 North 17th Street
  3. Allentown, PA
  4. Telephone 610-435-4706
  5. Fax 610-435-2107

  1. Rite-Aid at Cedar Point
  2. 361 S. Cedar Crest Blvd.
    Allentown, PA 18103
    Telephone 610-821-7999
    Fax 610-821-8191

If a student chooses to utilize pharmacy delivery services, please call the pharmacy to open an account.  The pharmacy will ask for credit card information for which to charge the prescriptions.  The student should also give to the pharmacy the information about the student’s prescription plan insurance.

The prescriptions will be delivered to the Muhlenberg College Health Center.  The health center staff will email the student upon arrival of the delivery.

Prescription plan cards are accepted at most local pharmacies.