Frequently Asked Questions

1. What form of payment is accepted?

A.  Only cash and checks are accepted.

2. Does the mailroom provide money orders?A.

A.  Not at this time.

3. When is mail sorted and delivered?

A.  All mail is delivered the same day, except for mail that is received after the end of the last run which is delivered the next day. Mail sorting for campus distribution begins as soon as the mail is received, usually by 9:30 a.m., and continues throughout the day as campus mail is brought back from the various departments.

4. Why must I show my identification in order to get my package?

A: Your student identification ensures that we provide the right package to the right student.

5. How do I collect my package?

A: You will receive an e-mail if we receive a package for you.  Simply stop by the mailroom with your student identification.

6. What should I do if my mailbox is not working properly?

A: Stop by the Mailroom with your student identification to complete a  Student Mailbox Repair form.

7. If I receive a package for my department, must I wait for courier delivery?

A: You may pick up your package at the mailroom. However, it is recommended that you check first in case the courier has already left with your package.

8. Why can't I have my mail addressed to my dorm room or to a MILE house?

A: Mail is not delivered to dorms or MILE houses. Regular mail is delivered to student mail boxes in Seegers Union and packages are delivered to the mailroom. Students are identified by their box numbers and incorrectly addressed mail delays delivery.

9. I am using an outside mailing service to handle my department's standard mail. Why do I need to notify the Mailroom?

A: Deposits are made with the United States Postal Service to cover the cost of standard mail. Notifying the Mailroom ensures that adequate funds are available. It also saves time in tracking charges when billing information is received.

10. How will I know if my package was received at the college, or whether a package I sent off campus was delivered?

A: You could log on to the carrier's web site and enter the tracking number which you should have received when you sent your package. You should then be able to track the progress on-line.

11. If my package was delivered to the college, but I did not receive it, what should I do?

A: Provide the tracking number to the mailroom staff who will check the disposition of your package.  It is important that packages include your name and department as improper addressing could delay delivery.