Content Management System


How will this affect me?

The migration to the new CMS is being handled in a phased in process. After the initial set up of Terminal 4's Site Manager and Phase 1 migration of top level content, the Web Team will begin migrating the rest of the College's site content in phases. The phased approach will allow for careful consideration of each site's content as well as training those responsible for the content creation and site maintenance. This is an opportune time to review the content currently on your site to determine what content should be migrated to the new system and what content can be updated, archived or eliminated.

Your department will be contacted by PR and OIT in the assigned semester indicated in the migration schedule. A meeting will be scheduled to review your site and plan for the migration of its content to the new Content Management System.

To find out when your website will be migrated, please download the migration schedule*.

*Schedule is subject to change.