Office of Information Technology


Web Application Request Form

Please fill out the following form, and submit the information to begin the Web Application Request Process. Once your information has been reviewed, you will be notified as to whether or not your request has been approved (additional information may be solicited prior to making that determination). Please note that Web Applications are created with the Campus Community in mind. If your request is only applicable to a small number of individuals, it would be best to think of a more localized solution.

1. Who is the contact person for this endeavor?


2. What type of data will this web application store?

3. Does this data already exist in a computer system that you are aware of?

If so, where?

4. Who inputs, or will input this data into the system?

5.Is the data currently input (or will be input) into the system via the web?

6. Is the data to be displayed/reported via the web?


If yes , what group(s) will view the web reports,
and how many viewers in total?

7. How long must the data be stored before it is deleted?

8. Will a login be necessary to access the data?

If so, why?
9. How often will this web application be used?
- AND -  

10. Is there a foreseeable time when this application will no longer be needed?

If so, when?

11. In the space below, please add further details regarding this application request. Include the overall purpose of the application, and why web functionality is necessary.