Office of Information Technology



Will I require a computer?
Yes. Muhlenberg strongly recommends that you bring a computer with you. More than 95% of incoming students arrive on Muhlenberg’s campus with a computer. You will use e-mail to communicate with faculty, staff and classmates. You will use a browser to access campus curricular and administrative resources and to perform course research. Word processing will be used for writing assignments and to organize notes. Some courses require the use of a spreadsheet program, powerpoint, or database software (all these are components of Microsoft Office).  Your computer will be an essential tool in learning and communicating! Many students immediately begin to accumulate an electronic portfolio of their work. Your computer can also be your stereo and your TV for watching movies.

What type of computer (desktop vs. laptop) is best?
Laptops are small and light enough to carry to classes for notes, the library for research, elsewhere on campus, or home to work on assignments. Unlike the desktop, portables require less space to use – important at desks in residence halls. Consider where you will want to use your computer when deciding between a desktop and a laptop. Note that there are wireless hotspots on campus, and those spots are certain to expand. Be certain you are comfortable with the video display, keyboard and mouse. Type at least one page of text as a test drive.

Desktop computers are larger and weigh more than a portable, but are generally less expensive. They have more computing power for a given price.

Please note OIT only provides depot service for student computers. Therefore students are required to carry their computers to the Student Help desk if they require service.

How do I find out what I need to know?

  • The Office of Information Technology will mail a complete information packet to each incoming student in May.
  • They also make such information available on the campus website.

In the meantime, what are the most important items to know?

  • When do I…

receive my email address?
in the information packet OIT mails in May.
once you receive your GroupWise email information, start using this account immediately. Beginning in August, any correspondence from Muhlenberg College will be sent to this email account only. (**see Student Responsibilities below)

receive my Black Board account?
in the information packet OIT mails in May.

receive my network account and password?
in the information packet OIT mails in May.

receive information on campus telephone number?
In the information packet OIT mails in May.

  • What kind of computer should I bring?

The College network will support a computer running any version of the Microsoft Operating System and MAC OS. Purchase extended warranties and accidental damage coverage.

    What should I do with my computer before I arrive on campus?

    1. To connect your computer to the campus network, a network setting called DHCP must be enabled so your computer will obtain its IP address (network address).
    2. Install all applications. The College highly recommends Microsoft Office, including Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  Buy this at discount prices online from the Bookstore web page.
    3. Bring all installation cds, licenses, and warranty information with you to campus just in in case for any reason you need to have these reinstalled on your pc.

    What happens when I get there?

    1. Plug your computer into the campus network jack in your room – a network cable will be in your room for you.
    2. Boot it up, and open your browser.
    3. Enter your Network account and password information that you received in your information packet mailed in July.
    4. You’re done!

    Then what??

    1. Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.Computer viruses travel through the residence halls faster than colds! You are required to install anti-virus software on your PC and keep it updated. Configure your software to scan all executable files for viruses before running them, and to perform automatic updates on a regular basis.
    2. Keep your computer up-to-date. Recent attacks upon computers took advantage of operating system exposures - even up-to-date anti-virus software was not sufficient to ward off these attacks. Configure your computer to automatically download and install operating system updates.
    3. Turn off or delete unneeded software features, such as file sharing.
      If your peer-to-peer file-sharing program is configured to share downloaded files, great amounts of campus bandwidth will be used by individuals off-campus, slowing things down for all users. Also, don’t forget your legal liability if you illegally share copyrighted material.
    4. **Student Responsibilities regarding use of email.
      Students are expected to access and read their Muhlenberg College email on a regular basis to remain current with College-related communication. Further, routine maintenance of the account content is expected, to avoid exceeding maximum storage allocation. Students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communication may be time-critical. “I didn’t check my email”, error in forwarding mail, or email returned to the College with “mailbox full” or “ user unknown” are not acceptable excuses for missing official College communication via email.

    The Office of Information Technology views quality residential computing as a cooperative effort between IT staff and students - working together to insure integrity and security for all.