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Digital Telephone Instructions:
2008 Multi-line and 2006 Single-line Phones

General Information

To make a call you need dialtone. There are several ways of getting dialtone. (1) By lifting your handset you are automatically connected to your extension and will receive dialtone. (2) If you press any extension appearing on your phone, you will receive dialtone. (3) You can press the HANDSFREE/MUTE key to get dialtone on your extension.

To make a call on-campus dial the 4-digit extension number, also known as the Directory Number or DN. To make a call outside, dial 8 and the number. The phone company now requires you to dial 10 digits within the local calling area (484 and 610 area codes); for example, 8-610-234-5678. If the call is in another area code, you must dial 11 digits (1 before the area code); for example, 8-1-215-234-5678.

The 2008 is a multi-line phone. The bottom right-hand key on your phone is labeled as your Primary Directory Number or extension. In many cases, the key above your extension will be labeled "Line 2", which is known as a "rollover". Rollovers allow you to receive a second call to your extension. If you don't answer the call, it will be directed to Meridian Mail or wherever your set has been programmed to send calls in a no answer. If both of your lines are busy, calls would also be re-directed. If the second key is labeled as an extension, it may be a Department extension and not a rollover.

The 2006 is a single-line phone. The bottom right-hand key on your phone is labeled as your Primary Directory Number or extension. There is no Line 2 Rollover on a 2006. If your line is busy or goes unanswered, calls would be re-directed.

If your DN (on the bottom right-hand key) is in the 3xxx, 4xxx or 5xxx range, you may be direct-dialed from the outside. Inform callers to dial (484) 664-xxxx. If your DN is not in the 3xxx, 4xxx or 5xxx range, you cannot be dialed directly from the outside. Tell callers to dial the College's main number (484-664-3100) and ask for your extension.

Each phone has a Network Class of Service or NCOS assigned, restricting the dialing area for the phone. Most phones have an NCOS 6, which permits call to the United States and Canada. Phones accessible to the public may have an NCOS 0 (Internal calls only) or an NCOS 1 (Local calls only).

Key Features


You are on an active call and wish to send the call to another extension.

  • Tell the caller you will transfer them
  • Press TRANSFER (you will hear "special dialtone")
  • Dial the extension*
  • Press TRANSFER a second time

*You may stay on the line and announce the call before pressing TRANSFER for the second time - the caller cannot hear the conversation.


You are on a call and wish to add another party to the conversation.

  • Tell the caller(s) you are adding another party to the call
  • Press CONF (you will hear "special dialtone")
  • Dial the number (don't forget the "8" if it's an outside call)
  • When the party answers, press CONF a second time

To add another party, repeat the steps above, maximum of 6 parties, internal/external.
The caller cannot hear you until CONF is pressed the second time.

Note: If you receive a busy signal or no answer when using TRANSFER or CONFERENCE, press your DN (extension) and you will be re-connected with the original party/parties.

Call Forward

If you will be away from your desk or do not want to take calls for another reason, and wish them to be directed to another extension or Meridian Mail (extension 3000),

  • Without DIALTONE, press FORWARD (icon will flash)
  • Dial the extension where calls should be directed
  • Press FORWARD a second time (icon will be lit steadily)

To forward to Meridian Mail, press FORWARD, dial 3000, press FORWARD again.

To cancel CALL FORWARD, simply press FORWARD (icon is unlit). To re-activate CALL FORWARD, press FORWARD twice. NOTE: You cannot forward your calls to a number outside the system.

Speed Call

You may program 10 frequently-called telephone numbers into memory. They may be a maximum of 16 digits in length. The access codes are 0 thru 9.

To program a number into your Speed Call list, do the following:
  • Without DIALTONE, press SPEED CALL (icon will flash)
  • Enter the acess code (0 thru 9)
  • Enter the phone number this code will represent (don't forget the "8" for an outside call)
  • Press SPEED CALL

To dial a number programmed in your Speed Call list:
  • Press SPEED CALL
  • Dial the appropriate access code (0 thru 9)

To re-program an access code, simply write over the old by repeating the above procedure. To "erase" a number, enter "***" after the code when programming.

Message Waiting

A flashing icon next to this key indicates you have a message in your mailbox.

  • Get dialtone and press this key to call Meridian Mail. Log in to your mailbox and retrieve your message(s).

Auto Dial

Each AUTO DIAL key stores one number, a maximum of 16 digits.

To program an AUTO DIAL key:
  • Without DIALTONE, press an AUTO DIAL key (the icon will flash)
  • Enter the number you want this key to represent (don't forget the "8" if it an outside call)
  • Press the AUTO DIAL key a second time (icon is unlit)

To make a call using an AUTO DIAL key:
  • Press the appropriate AUTO DIAL key

Other Features

Call Pickup

To answer any ringing phone within your Pickup Group:

  • Get DIALTONE and dial *3

DN Pickup

If there is more than one phone ringing in your Pickup Group, you can specify which extension you want to answer:

  • Get DIALTONE and dial #3 and the extension you want to answer

Call Park

This feature puts a call 'on hold in the system' so the call can be picked up from any phone within the 2 minute threshhold. You will transfer the call into Park:

To park the call:
  • With an active call on the line, press TRANSFER
  • Dial the Call Park code *5 and your extension
  • Press TRANSFER again and the call will be 'parked'

To retrieve the parked call:
  • Get dialtone
  • Dial the Call Park Retrieval code #5 and your extension


Other Extensions

There might be other extensions appearing on your phone, that ring or just flash. There is privacy on these extensions, meaning you cannot press an active extension on your phone and hear the conversation. You must be conferenced into the conversation. If the call is on HOLD you can answer it.


Last Number Redial

When activated,this feature will dial the last telephone number called from the phone (NOTE: There is ONE LAST NUMBER - NOT A LAST NUMBER FOR EACH EXTENSION ON THE PHONE!). The maximum number of digits it will store is 16. If you have a LAST NUMBER key, get dialtone and press the key. If you do not, simply press any extension on your phone twice.

RLS Button

Use this button to disconnect from a call.

Hold Button

Use this button to place an active call on "Permanent Hold" (the icon next to the DN will flash). You will hear a reminder ring every 60 seconds while a call is on HOLD, if the handset is in the cradle. The call will stay on HOLD until you press the DN to resume conversation.