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Pennsylvania Public Policy Surveys

To view the PDF files, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.  All surveys are also available in Microsoft Word by clicking on the links marked "DOC".

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  • Fall 2014 Pennsylvania Policy Survey [DOC] [PDF]
  • Public Perception of Shale Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracking in New York and Pennsylvania, September 9, 2014 [PDF]
  • Fall 2013 Pennsylvania Health Care Policy Survey, April 24, 2014 [DOC] [PDF]
  • 2013 Fall Pennsylvania Health Care Policy Survey [DOC] [PDF]
  • 2013 Pennsylvania Public Health Survey, April 18, 2013 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Pennsylvania Politics & Policy: The Public Perspective, December 12, 2011 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Survey Crosstabulations, November 2011 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Fracking for Natural Gas: Public Opinion on State Policy Options, November 2011 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Survey Frequency Report, November 2011 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Public Perceptions of the Pennsylvania Budget Situation, March 2011 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Survey of Independent Voters in Pennsylvania, March 2010 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Swine Flu Report, Fall 2009 [DOC] [PDF]
  • PA Health Survey, Fall 2009 [DOC] [PDF]
  • Global Warming Report, June 2007 [PDF] [DOC]
  • Survey of Pennsylvania Residents on the Issue of Global Warming and Climate Policy Options,   February 2008 [PDF] [DOC]