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Faculty Scholarship and Professional Engagement: Spring 2014


  • The Muhlenberg College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa has announced that the election of its newest members. The complete list of new Phi Beta Kappa members is here: Read More
  • Kelly Cann '15, Rebecca Golden '14 and Rachel Halpern '14, learning assistants in the Academic Resource Center "Reconsiderations for Success in Gateway Classes" at the PA/NJ College of Reading and Learning Association Conference. Click here for more info: Read More
  • Sarah Barbakoff, Emily Boyle, Erin Cummings, Ashley DeAngelis, Rachael Gallagher, Meghan Gill, Dayna Hovern, Molly Sanford, Gabrielle Smith, Rachel Strow & Claudia Theriault named to the National Field Hockey Coaches Association National Academic Squad, achieving a cum GPA of 3.30+ for the first semester of this year. Cummings & DeAngelis got this award all 4 years.
  • Muhlenberg received the National Field Hockey Coaches Association National Academic Team Award which recognizes those institutions that achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 during the first semester of the 2013-14 academic year.

Art Studio

  • Emily Orzech, assistant professor of art, presented her prints through an exchange portfolio and professional open portfolio session at the Southern Graphics Council International's national printmaking conference in San Francisco.


  • Erin V. Kreide r'14 and Paul T. Stathis '14 presented a paper entitled Gross anatomy and histology of Cooper's (Accipiter cooperii) and Red-tailed (Buteo jamaicenensis) Hawks alimentary tracts, with Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr. at the 90th Anniversary meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, held at Susquehanna University.
  • Dan Klem, Acopian Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology, published an article in the journal "Land." The article is titled "Landscape, Legal, and Biodiversity Threats that Windows Pose to Birds: A Review of an Important Conservation Issue." Read More
  • Amy Hark, associate professor of biology and co-director of the biochemistry program, is a contributing author on a manuscript published in CBE-Life Sciences Education (Shaffer et al. 2014 CBE-LSE 13: 111-130) reporting undergraduates' attitude and knowledge learning gains from participation in genomics research projects.
  • Peter Saenger, Acopian Ornithological Specialist, has co-authored a book "Birds of the Lehigh Valley." The book is published by the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society. Read More
  • Dan Klem, Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology, will present "Bird Strikes at Windows: A lethal conservation issue for birds, an important conservation issue for birds and people" at the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center.

Business Administration

  • Trexler Proffitt, Miers Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies, presented three talks on entrepreneurship education at the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Association annual conference in San Jose, CA. Read More
  • Roland J. Kushner and Michael B. London, associate professors of business, presented and performed "Songs in the Key of M: Performing Popular, Original, and Folk Songs as Management Pedagogy" at the 28th Mid-Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference at Drexel University in Philadelphia.
  • Roland J. Kushner, associate professor of business, spoke on "Nonprofit Struggle and Success in the New Century" at the monthly First Friday program of the Institute for Jewish Christian Understanding.
  • Michael London, associate professor of business, is leading a workshop on environmental leadership at the LVAIC Sustainability Conference.
  • Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, was part of a panel that contributed to a new report, "New Data Directions for the Cultural Landscape: Toward a Better-Informed, Stronger Sector," for the Cultural Data Project by Slover Linnett Audience Research. The full report is available at

Community Engagement

  • The Career Center and Office of Community Engagement are pleased to announce the selection of the 2014 Summer Air Products Community Interns. They are as follows: Megan Nehilia- Allentown Health Bureau, Maura Dugan- Phoebe Communities of Allentown, Matthew Pearse- Casa Guadalupe, Philippa Roberts- Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley
  • Muhlenberg College's "Best Buddies" chapter was named Pennsylvania Chapter of the Year. Muhlenberg hosted the regional Best Buddies Ball at Arts Quest this past weekend.
  • Tara Wasserman '15 has received a RAVE award, "Tara goes above and beyond. She is willing to step up to the plate and help others and is a selfless human being whose heart goes out to those in need. She can often be found looking for ways to help a friend or stranger. Tara is the epitome of an outstanding volunteer."
  • Katherine Casty '15 received a RAVE award - "Katie always bring so much energy to Bike Works. Although this is only her first semester attending the program, she immediately fit right in with the Bike Works community. She bonds so well with the kids that drop in and is always smiling. Congrats Katie, you deserve it!"
  • Kate Weisenseel '17 received a RAVE award - "Kate has been a loyal participant in Jefferson Arts for the past two semesters! She never misses a visit and her enthusiasm with the kids is infectious! They truly love her!" Congrats, Kate!
  • Elizabeth Katriel '17 and Danielle Psillos '17 received RAVE awards - "These two lovely girls came to Sanctuary on Saturday to walk dogs in the snow and spend time with the cats. I was going to cancel this week's trip because of the snow but they insisted the animals needed love too. They stayed late to help feed and tend to the animals' needs."
  • Zowie Saxman '16 has received a RAVE award - Zowie volunteered to prepare supplies for several Art Days! Whether helping to cut out paper skulls or making stencils, Zowie was happy to help. She enjoys spending time with [the kids] and says they remind her of her siblings. We benefited greatly from her enthusiasm!
  • Nicole Fern '16 received a RAVE award, "I can count on Nicole to come every session with contagious enthusiasm and boundless energy. She connects with the children on a meaningful level, and genuinely enjoys spending time with them. Nicole exemplifies the characteristics of a great volunteer." Congrats, Nicole!

Computer Science

  • Several Muhlenberg students and faculty attended the Lehigh Valley Computer Science Celebrationat Moravian College. Bill Dolan '14 presented a poster "Library Research Security," based on a project with Tim Clarke, Head of Library Systems. Lewis Gilzeane 14 presented a poster "20 Steps to Heaven."
  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is attending the ACM Symposium on Computer Science Education in Atlanta, GA. He organized a pre-conference event and a workshop, and participated in a panel discussion, all on his work with process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) in CS.


  • Muhlenberg Dancers Muhlenberg Dancers are headed to the Kennedy Center! Guest choreographer CHARLOTTE BOYE-CHRISTENSEN's "Key" has been selected for the National American College Dance Festival. The piece is performed by ALLISON BERGER 14, KATE DOUGHERTY 14, GWYNNE JONES 15, KRYSTA PARKER 16, & ANNABEL WILLIAMS 14. Read More


  • Art Raymond, professor of economics and finance, presented at two sessions and chaired/facilitated four sessions at the Advanced Placement Economics Faculty Colloquium in Philadelphia.


  • Michael Carbone and Sally Richwine, of the education department, presented their ongoing research at the National Association of School Psychologists 2014 Annual Conference in Washington D.C. The presentation was titled: Teachers' Voices: NCLB's Influence on Teacher Work and Professional Practice.


  • Tom Cartelli, English and Film Studies, presented a paper entitled "High Tech Shakespeare in a Mediatized Globe" at a symposium on Global Shakespeares that convened at George Washington University 24-25 January.

Film Studies

  • Amy Corbin, assistant professor of media and communication and film studies, presented a paper entitled "The Urban Cinema of Ramin Bahrani" at the Association of American Geographers conference in Tampa, FL. The paper was part of a panel on "Cinema and the Post-Industrial City."


  • Genevieve Daly '14 has had her paper on 'Gender and Sexuality Disparities in Colonial Latin America' accepted to the Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Latin American and Iberian Studies at Lee University. Daly is a double major in History and Neuroscience.
  • Lynda Yankaskas, assistant professor of history, delivered a lecture, "Imagining the Transatlantic Subscription Library: Liverpool and Boston," at the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool Athenaeum (as part of the Libraries in the Atlantic World Colloquium). Her participation was funded through a grant from the Provost's office.

Inst. for Jewish-Christian Understanding

  • Peter A. Pettit spoke on "Israel is in the Eye of the Beholder: Christian Attachment to the Holy Land" at the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel. He also co-chaired the annual tri-faith Theology Conference of the Shalom Hartman Institute on "The Religious Problem of Environmental Ethics."

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

  • Eduardo Olid Guerrero, assistant professor of Spanish, was the respondent and organizer of the Panel "The Image of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Spain" at The Renaissance Society of America's 60th Annual Conference in New York City.
  • Luba Iskold, professor of Russian, presented on "QR Codes: Addressing Language Visibility on Campus" at the NEALLT '14 Conference "Technology and Language Learning: In the Classroom and Beyond" at Swarthmore College, March 14-17. Read More


  • Abigal Stryker '14 and Erica Wenzel '14 presented "A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Determine the Greatest Post-Season Players" at the Carolina Sports Analytics Meeting at Furman University. This work is part of their mathematics CUE with Dr. Huber.
  • Jarrett Felix '14 finished among the top third of participants in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. The competition is open to undergraduates in the United States and Canada and consists 12 questions, which participants have six hours to complete. It is considered the hardest math exam in the world. Read More
  • Daniel File, visiting assistant professor of mathematics, delivered a second talk, to graduate students, at the sixth Texas-Oklahoma Representations and Automorphic Forms Conference (TORA VI). The talk was titled "Introduction to Representation Theory of P-adic Groups." Read More
  • Daniel File, visiting assistant professor of mathematics, delivered two talks at the sixth Texas-Oklahoma Representations and Automorphic Forms Conference in Norman, OK. One talk was titled "More Test Vectors for GL(2)." Read More
  • Daniel File, visiting assistant professor of mathematics, is giving a two-part lecture at the Temple University Number Theory Seminar. His talk is titled "Test Vectors and Central L-values for GL(2)." He delivered part one last week and will deliver part two tonight. Read More
  • Michael Huber, Dean of Academic Life and associate professor of mathematics, will have his previously published book "Mythematics" translated in Greek and published by Princeton University Press.
  • Linda McGuire, associate professor of mathematics, co-organized (with Amy Shell-Gellasch) the session "The History of Mathematical Communities" at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore. She also participated in the planning sessions of the national Committee on Meetings and Professional Development.
  • Mike Huber, Dean of Academic Life, delivered a paper titled, "A Mathematical Perspective of Rome's Twin Churches," at the Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore, MD. The paper encompassed research from his sabbatical at both the Vatican Library and in Rome.
  • Penny Dunham, professor of mathematics, presented a paper "The NCTM Oral History Project: Documenting Community Memory of Mathematics Education in the United States" at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore. She also participated in a meeting of the MAA Committee on Department Liaisons.

Media and Communication

  • Elizabeth Nathanson, assistant professor of media and communication, attended the Society for Cinema and Media Studies in Seattle and presented a paper titled "Styling the Self: Fashion Blogging and Fixing the Feminine Image."
  • Kate Ranieri, assistant professor of media and communication, was the invited filmmaker at Lehigh University's South Side Initiatives, for a screening of Crossing the Line, a documentary about abortion politics in the Lehigh Valley.
  • Elizabeth Nathanson, assistant professor of media and communication, published a chapter titled "Dressed for Economic Distress: Blogging and the 'New' Pleasures of Fashion" in the book Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity (eds. Diane Negra and Yvonne Tasker, Duke University Press, 2014).
  • David Tafler, professor of media and communication and film studies, presented a paper titled "Walking Places along the Virtual Frontier" at The Fourteenth Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology held at The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College.
  • Lora Taub-Pervizpour, chair of the media and communication department and associate dean of digital learning, was part of a panel at the 35th Urban Ethnography Forum at the University of Pennsylvania, "At the Intersections of Media, Arts, and Social Change: Community-Based Participatory Research with Court-Involved Youth."
  • Lora Taub-Pervizpour has recently been appointed the College's associate dean for digital learning. Read More
  • Jack McCallum '71, adjunct professor in the media and communication department has been named a CUPPIE Silver Award recipient for his article in Muhlenberg magazine titled "Working Rough in Port-au-Prince." The CUPPIES are regional awards given by CUPRAP, the organization for professionals in communication.
  • Sue Curry Jansen, professor of media and communication, has a chapter, "The World's Greatest Adventure in Advertising: Walter Lippmann's Critique of Censorship and Propaganda," published in The Oxford Handbook of Propaganda Studies, edited by Jonathan Auerbach and Russ Castronovo.
  • John Sullivan, associate professor of media & communication, published an essay, "Uncovering the data panopticon: The urgent need for critical scholarship in an era of corporate and government surveillance," in the academic journal The Political Economy of Communication. It can be accessed at Read More

Multicultural Life

  • The Office of Community Engagement and Multicultural Center are pleased to announce the selection of 4 Muhlenberg students as Servant Leaders in the Allentown Freedom School this summer. They are as follows: Marcus Henderson, Maria Lewis, Ana Negron, Jessica Sperber.
  • Roberta Meek, visiting lecturer in history and media and communication , will provide the featured commentary for the "Remembering the Peace Witness" Martin Luther King Event. Meek will also sing with the LEPOCO Peace Singers. The event is Sat at the Dr. King and Coretta Scott King Memorial Plaza. Read More
  • Roberta Meek, visiting lecturer in history and media and communication , will provide the featured commentary for the "Remembering the Peace Witness" Martin Luther King Event. Meek will also sing with the LEPOCO Peace Singers. The event is Sat at the Dr. King and Coretta Scott King Memorial Plaza. Read More


  • Douglas Ovens, professor of music, was featured on the Composers' Concert of the College Music Society, Northeast Regional Conference, at the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. His "Largo for Violin and Piano" was performed by Dr. Kia-Hui Tan, Professor of Violin from Ohio State University.
  • Diane Follet, associate professor of music, has been honored by the Northeast Regional Chapter of the College Music Society. The Chapter's Board unanimously decided to name an award given to an outstanding student paper the Diane Follet Outstanding Student Scholarship Award.
  • April Beisser '15, Marianna Giercyk '17, Sarah Mitchler '17, Melissa Routson '16, and Music Department faculty Patricia Helm, Lauren Madigan, and Michael Schnack sang last Saturday with the Pennsylvania Sinfonia and Camerata in a performance of Anton Bruckner's Mass in F minor in Allentown's First Presbyterian Church.
  • Michael Schnack, Director of Choral Activities, gave a choral master classes at Benton High School in Benton, IA, and performed as collaborative pianist on a vocal recital, "The Shining Place," at South Park Presbyterian Church in Rock Island, IL.
  • Michael Schnack, Director of Choral Activities, gave two choral master classes and performed as collaborative pianist on a vocal recital, "The Shining Place," at City High School in Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Tim Cochran, visiting assistant professor of music, recently published an article, "Messiaen and the Composer's Eye: Analyzing Debussy in the Traité," in Theoria: Historical Aspects of Music Theory, Vol. 20 (2013).
  • Michael Schnack, full-time Lecturer in the Music Department, presented -- through a Skype feed -- at an author's reception at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Schnack spoke about his translation and editorial work on the conference proceedings "Symposium: Hörraum".


  • Ted Schick, professor of philosophy, gave the keynote address at the Moravian Philosophy Conference: "Evolution is a Fact because it is the Best Theory."
  • Kelsey Oliva '16 and Ben Croll '14 presented papers at the Moravian Philosophy Conference. Kelsey's paper was entitled "Religion: To Question or Not to Question," and Ben's paper was entitled "A Conflict of Interests: Understanding Duty, Obligation and Benevolence in Healthcare."
  • Marcia Morgan, assistant professor of philosophy, published two peer-reviewed encyclopedia articles, one titled "Otherness, Alterity, and the Other" and the second titled "Spirit;" both published in Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception, and Resources: A Publication of the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, Volume 15.
  • Marcia Morgan, assistant professor of philosophy, had a book, The Concept of the Beautiful, by Agnes Heller, edited with an Essay by Marcia Morgan, reviewed in details click this link: Read More


  • First year physics majors; Carlos Herrera Acevedo, Emran Lallow Victor Lora & Alan Mendez designed, built & entered a pneumatic cantaloupe launching cannon in Kutztown University's 8th Annual Cantalobber Contest on Apr 6th. The air cannon, the "Muhlenlobber", placed 3rd with an average distance of 811 ft! Read More
  • Adam Clark, assistant professor of physics, published an article in the Journal of High Energy Physics. The article addresses mathematical constraints on quantum theories that violate some aspects of Einstein's theory of Relativity. Read More
  • Adam Clark, Nate Crossette '13 and Andrea Rommal '14 and Dr. George Newman of WSU-Vancouver published an article in the January 29 issue of Physical Review D. The article presents a novel method for implementing quarks (which make up protons and neutrons) in the string theory field known as AdS/CFT. Read More

Political Science

  • Jack Gambino, professor of political science, delivered a paper called "Theorist in Exile: Judith Shklar and the Limits of Citizenship" at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago. He also served as a discussant for a panel on Political Theory and the Arab Spring.
  • Alton Slane, professor of political science, presented his paper titled "The Fourth Amendment and Police Use of DNA," at the Annual Conference of The Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago.
  • Jack Gambino and Mohsin Hashim, Political Science, made a presentation entitled "Climate Change and Sustainable Development: A Short-Term Study Abroad Program in Bangladesh" at the LVAIC Sustainability Conference at Lehigh University on February 8.

Public Health

  • Mallory Bernstein '14, a chemistry major and public health minor, presented a poster titled "An Exploration of Diabetes Care in Durban Suburbs as seen through the Works of Diabetes South Africa" at the Human Development Conference 2014 at the University of Notre Dame.

Religion Studies

  • Hartley Lachter, associate professor of religion studies and director of the Jewish studies program, was a panel chair and respondent at the 2014 Corcoran Chair International Conference on Jewish-Christian Relations at Boston University.
  • Hartley Lachter, associate professor of religion studies and director of the Jewish Studies program, delivered the annual June Baumgardner Gelbart Lecture in Jewish Studies at the University of South Florida. The title of his talk was: Jewish Mysticism Then and Now: Kabbalah as a Cultural Phenomenon from the Middle Ages to Madonna.


  • Nick Farmer '15 presented a paper on "Russian State and the Orthodox Church: An Attempt at Constructing Russian Nationalism" at the "Europe: East and West" Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh.


  • Krista Bywater, assistant professor of sociology, presented a research paper "Activist Academics: Opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline" at the Materialities: Global Studies Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Joshua Clement '14, sociology major, presented his honors thesis research "Religion and Community-Led Development in Bulongwa, Tanzania" at the poster session of the Eastern Sociological Society Conference in Baltimore, MD, on February 21.
  • Krista Bywater, asst. professor of sociology, and sociology major Rachel Dordal '14 presented a research paper "Beyond Bottled Water: Strategies for Promoting Pro-environmental Behaviors and Policies" at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference in Baltimore, MD, on February 22.
  • Krista Bywater, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and sociology major Rachel Dordal presented a paper "Beyond the Boycott: Strategies for Reducing Bottled Water Consumption on College Campuses" at the LVAIC Sustainability Conference at Lehigh University on February 8.

Staff Activities

  • MRB's East Hall project earned "Best in Show" and first place in the commercial housing division at the MBI Awards of Disinction in San Antonio. Read More
  • The East Hall project was awarded an Award of Distinction (1st place in Permanent modular construction: Commercial Housing: Over 10,000 square feet) at the 2014 Modular Building Institute World of Modular convention. It was also awarded the Best in Show Award for Permanent Modular Construction. Read More
  • Ten students attended the AIPAC Policy Conference and Muhlenberg's MulePAC Cadre was awarded the Campus Activists of the Year award. Below are a list of the MulePAC members (seven): Mindy Fliegelman '16, Stephanie Fishbein '16, Gabrielle Korn '16, Laura Bortnick '16, Bryan Slominsky '16, Dalit Agronin '16, Daniel Cohen '17.
  • Penny Lochner and Cathy Hodge presented at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. Their presentation, "Automate E-resource Management with OCLC to Save Time and Improve Discoverability!" discussed how integrated OCLC services can be used to automatically manage e-resource holdings throughout different library systems.


  • Beth Schachter, associate professor of theatre, has an essay published in the book "Suzan-Lori Parks in Person," edited by Philip C. Kolin and Harvey Young, published by Routledge Press.